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Friday, July 23, 2010

Day #581 - Construction Plans

This morning we called the architect to see if we could meet directly with her regarding the Grading plan for the new house. She agreed to a 10:30 meeting. Doc stopped for coffee on the way to the meeting and spotted a penny before we even parked the van. (Coin #1 Sit-N-Find). The meeting went well and Debbie said she would get to work on the plan.

We made a few other stops (the paint store for color swatches, Lowe’s for supplies, etc.), then headed out to Rancho Cucamonga to order the bathroom vanity for the Duarte Rental.


The next few hours were spent at Cal Poly Pomona cleaning up and “consolidating” the solar car artifacts. That was difficult for us. Sentimental attachments to so many of the items …

Doc went to the vending machine for a coffee. He spotted a penny just out of reach and called me to bring a tool for him. My ‘Arm Extender’ (back scratcher) is kept next to my desk for just that purpose. I met him at the vending machine and we collected that penny - plus two more! (Coins #2-4).

We resumed our work and things were, uhhh…. intense. An Angel appeared in the form of another faculty member. He spent a few minutes with us and we made considerable progress with his help. Plus he took one cart of stuff away with him! Joy.

We took several carts of stuff to the dumpsters and one lab. Found a penny, nickel and dime in the lab! (Coins #5-7).

Around 5 PM we received at call from the architect. She had our grading plan ready for pick up -- plus a set of Construction drawings! Yipee!!!!! We put our clean-up session into high gear and got out of work at 6 PM to fetch those drawings. Anxious now to look at them ….

Total: 7 Coins P (5), N (1), D (1), Q (0) = 20¢

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