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Friday, October 1, 2010

Day #651 - Raining Dogs

Today very little went according to my original plan.

This morning I planned to get really prepared for today’s meeting with the architect (since we had some important decisions to make), telephone or email various people, prepare the house for our 2 PM visitor, etc. The crazy weather changed all that.


The brakes on the van had been making noise all week, so Doc agreed to take the car for service today. We expected the brakes to be cleaned off a bit and that Doc would be home shortly to help me prepare for the meetings. In his first call he said, “A HUGE thunderstorm just passed through here, be sure your car is closed and the house is shut”. I walked out the front door to check on things and the rain began. The thunder was incredibly loud and close. With the huge black clouds came a huge black dog! He was running in the street until he saw me at the front door. Then he ran right up to me with eyes saying, “I’m scared. Please help me”. I held him because he was trembling.

I put the dog in our side yard so I could call the Humane Society for help. I was on hold for 20 minutes - until the power in the house went out. No progress there, so I went back outside to comfort the dog. The rain came down really hard and we were both drenched. Finally I went back in the house and used my cell phone to again call the Humane Society. It took forever, but I got through. I could read 5 of the numbers on the dog’s tag, but we managed to find a phone number for him. (No luck when I called it).


Then Doc called. The van needed to stay for service, so I needed to get Doc. He would be waiting for me at Starbucks inside the grocery store.

The skies were bright blue again and my thoughts were still on the dog. I hopped in my truck to get Doc. When I arrived, the skies opened and there was a downpour. The water was several inches high and gushing across the parking lot. Made me wish I had an ark to float in!

I ran in the store. Doc was drinking coffee and grading quiz papers. Then all “Hail broke loose”. People in the store were running to the exit doors to see what was happening. It hailed and hailed and hailed. We were ‘trapped’ in there for 30 minutes!

I walked the entire store numerous times searching for today’s coin. Nothing. I had words with the Penny Angels. “Look here. I have rescued a dog, picked up Doc, and done other ARKs. I don’t’ have time to go looking elsewhere today. Would you just deliver now please?”

As we were leaving, Doc said, “Did you look by the coin counting kiosk and those other machines?” “Yes Dear - three times”. But I looked again … and found a nickel in the photocopier coin return! Yipee! (Coin #1)


Doc planned to stop for a coffee on the way home. Yes, he was leaving Starbucks ‘A’ to go to Starbucks ‘B’! I suggested he visit one on Route 66 . He came home with 5 pennies, a dime, and a quarter! (Coins #2-8). Hit for the Cycle!


Doc noticed a pot of water on the stovetop. He asked about it. I told him I had been trying since 10 AM today to boil some water. He laughed saying, “Guess you failed that one. Wonderful! I married a woman who can’t even manage to boil water!”


We did have our meeting with the Architect. After that I needed to take Doc to retrieve his van. Our 2 PM meeting was moved to 4 PM, and the dog is still my yard.

Total: 8 Coins P (5), N (1), D (1), Q (1) = $0.45 Hit for the Cycle

Note: This Penny Tale is like a photograph - you get to see only what is in the eye of the camera. You don’t see “the rest of the story”. Like how my drinking water bottle opened in my backpack all over my papers, how there was zero toilet paper in the bathroom at the grocery store, how the big black dog shed all over me so that I looked like a totally drenched and hairy gorilla, etc. etc.

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