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Friday, October 22, 2010

Day #672 - Breaking Through

Almost the entire day was focused on the new house.

Doc found a coin this morning when he drove through McDonalds for breakfast (Coin #1). The we met for 2.5 hours with a potential HVAC subcontractor. We learned so much!

Doc and I spent the afternoon and evening comparing bids, working on the budget, and “negotiating” with each other. The goal was to somehow “break through” to a certain budget limit which Doc said he would not exceed.


By 5:30 PM I was “breaking” and needed to get out of the house (or at least away from Doc). I headed for the grocery store / shopping center to look for coins. There was a penny under an outdoor bench (Coin #2).

I decided to walk a little further and venture over to the In-N-Out picnic tables. I began a SingSong. “Hey Penny Angels won’t you come out to play?” and there was a penny. (Coin #3). I then began the return to my truck. Needed to cut across a grassy area and was going to walk where there was minimal slope. There was a ‘nudge’ to cross where the slope was steeper. I thought that was stupid, but I did it anyway. 99% of the area was covered with green grass - except a little patch with a round thing. The object was encrusted with ?. (Even after several hours of soaking, the crud remains). (Coin #4).

Meanwhile Doc “went for a hike” as well. He found 2 pennies in the high school parking lot. Another penny in front of his van as he was thinking about returning to work on that budget. (Coins #5&6). As he was leaving the 99¢ Store, he was thinking that he really ought to get back home and continue chipping away at the budget with me if we were going to make any progress. As he was opening his car door, he spotted a bright, shield penny shining up at him. (Coin #7). A good sign. He retrieved it, then went home with an adjusted attitude and renewed commitment to continue working together


This evening we received the Front Yard Planting Schedule, so we were working on those edits as well.

By 10 PM we both realized that we had made significant progress and “broken through” some perceived hurdles - and met that budget goal as well! We were elated!

Total: 7 Pennies

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Anonymous said...

Has sufficient crud been removed to verify #4 is, in fact, a coin?