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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Day #671 - Another Milestone

Yipee!! We submitted that Grading Plan today. I dropped it off with the Soils Engineer last night shortly before 8 PM. By 8 AM the signed sets were back in my hands. Wow! Overnight review service. I asked Roger for his invoice. He replied, “Not until I do something of significance for you!” (Roger is both an Angel and a Penny Pal).

I transported the Plans to the architect’s office by 9 AM. The Civil Engineer reviewed them, signed every page, and they were packaged to take to the City. This afternoon at 4:30 I submitted them to the City Grading Engineer! He said as far as he’s concerned, we could be moving dirt in a few weeks!


This morning on the way to the Soils Engineer, I stopped at the store for flowers. Just a way to say thanks for the overnight service. The floor in the store seemed squeaky clean and I didn’t see any coins. As I was leaving I said, “Penny Angels it’s raining today and I am not likely to go out hunting. Please deliver.” Then I did a SingSong, “Hey Penny Angels won’t you come out and play? And send a coin before I leave here today?” As I uttered that last word there was a penny under the photocopy machine by the exit door. (Coin #1)


On the way to the Soils Engineer I wondered which aspect of the house I should focus on. I said to the Penny Angels, “Look, we really need to shave about $50,000 more off the current price estimates. Please help out with that.”

When I arrived home (within 30 minutes of saying that) there was an email. A contractor who was providing a bid approximately $50K less than our previous bids. I need to read all the details yet, but things are looking better! ….


Doc arrived home from school a few minutes before 10 PM. He had collected a penny at Starbucks this morning, then a dime and a penny at McDonalds where he went for lunch (Coin #2-4).


I gave Doc a 100 mph debrief of my day - and it took a long time!

Briefly: School from 11 AM - 1:30 PM for all sorts of things. Then from 2- 6 PM there was a meeting with the architect, a stop to research solar tubes, copies made, plans arranged, then a stop to pick up Mandy so that she could go along to the City and take this photo.

At the City we turned in the Application for an Address, then submitted the Grading Plan. We dealt with the Grading Engineer, Building people, the Engineering Department, and of course, the cashier. Major Milestone!

From 6 PM-11 PM there were calls, emails and follow ups on: Electrical, Funding, Septic System, Doors, Appliances, Cabinetry, Windows, Framing, the Encroachment Permit, Tree Permit, Building Permits, Landscaping, and lots of other details. So much to learn.

Total: 4 Coins P (3), N (0), D (1), Q (0) = $0.13

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