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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Day #680 - Less Intense

Today was a series of errands and minor activities. Thank goodness for the break in intensity. Our first stop was at Starbucks for Doc’s coffee and my nickel. (Coin #1). Then a brief stop at the optometrist to pick up our new eyeglasses.

Next we met with a septic system contractor out at the lot. After speaking to us for a few minutes and assessing the scope of the project, he said, “Even though everyone is hurting for work right now, I’d rather not take this job”. As we drove away Doc said, “Wow, after just a few minutes of talking to you, the guy realized that he would rather not work with YOU!” Why do I continue to love that man? (Maybe because he will work with me - most times).

Doc needed to “make a stop” after our meeting, so we parked at the nearest shopping center. I searched for coins while Doc made his stop. In the discount shop the owner was very friendly and was working with a stack of neon colored price tags. I figured those would work well to label all my rolls of house plans, so I asked her the price of 5-6 of those. She replied “A Smile”. I gave Ety a Penny Card with a shiny penny on it. Told her about Penny Tales and ARKs. She smiled and asked to be included in the daily Penny Tales. JOY shared.

We visited three job sites to investigate erosion mitigation efforts, landscaping, and concrete work. Then we ran a few more errands and were driving home. As we approached a red light at a major intersection, Doc said, “I think that was a coin in the median back there.” Tina: “Honey, you are NOT going to run back there.” We were in the left-turn lane. Doc put the car in park, ran back the 15-20 feet, and returned with THREE pennies!{“ He was elated. (My Hunter).

The remainder of the day was spent primarily on grading midterm exams (Doc) and working on various aspects of the new house (Tina). Like maybe trying to find a septic subcontractor who WILL work with me!

Total: 4 Coins P (3), N (1), D (0), Q (0) = $0.08

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