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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Day #678 - Submitted

This was the day we had been shooting for to turn in our plans (5 sets of 30 pages each) to the City for Plan Check. We wanted plans submitted by the end of October and the City is closed on Fridays, so that meant Today! It took Penny Angels and Human Angels to make all this come together over these past few days.


I worked most of the night to review our documents and accurately fill out the required City forms. After 2.5 hours of sleep, it was off and running to the Architect’s office to get her the edits. Doc insisted upon stopping for coffee. While he did that, I searched the CVS Pharmacy for today’s coin. I said “Penny Angels, today is the big day. Please just get the penny finding done quickly because I’m really busy.” No coins found. I was leaving the store and for some reason at the doorway I glanced back. There was a penny under the stack of hand baskets! Thank you Penny Angels. (Coin #1)

Attached Lesson: Hindsight is Valuable


We met with the architect and she agreed to make changes while Doc and I attended our meeting at school. By 2 PM Doc headed to his classes while I headed the 15 miles down the freeway to the blueprint shop. The architect had emailed the file and there were 10 big rolls just waiting for me. It was then 3 PM. I grabbed the roles and headed for the architect’s office. The goal was 3:30 and I was there by 3:27. Doing well so far. They stamped and signed all the pages, we assembled the structural report, the truss report, and the staircase calcs, etc.

I grabbed the mountain of papers and headed to my house. There I added the cover sheet, application, and tied it all together with an orange ribbon. It was now 4:15. My goal was for a 4:30 delivery. (The City offices close at 6 PM but might not accept new work after 5 PM). I arrived at 4:40. Whew!

At the City Center there were goblins and witches and fairies and ghosts and skeletons and spider webs… The employees had their children trick or treating the various stations. It was a very loud and bustling plaza. I should have taken a picture of all that. What a Celebration it was as I submitted our Plans! The whole Building was filled with joyous Pandemonium. It took about 45 minutes for Lenore and Jennifer (see photo) to process our project. I walked out of there having left behind 30 lbs of stuff (and a few hundred dollars).




After that, I just had to drive by our lot. (It is just 2-3 miles up the same street). The weather again today was crystal clear and the mountains were incredible.

Craig, (retired contractor and our neighbor-to-be), walked over to say hello. He said he was preparing a Temporary Power Pole for us so that we could save money and not rent one during construction! What a thoughtful gesture!

I drove down the hill refreshed and super-charged. The sun was just setting. It was breathtaking. And the City lights were sparkling like diamonds.


When I arrived home, Doc called from school to say he had several hours of work remaining, but was not feeling very well. He asked for a debrief of the day, but then said, the heck with it all, let’s go for dinner and Celebrate! So he came home and we went out to a new restaurant for some Chicken Noodle Soup.

On the way home, Doc insisted upon stopping at the grocery store to look for a coin. He said a solo penny was not good enough. So he collected a penny as we walked in the store. Then I got 3 dimes and a penny at check out. (Coins #2-6)

After that, I spent the rest of the night preparing for tomorrow’s meeting with a potential framer and our Project Manager.

Total: 6 Coins P (3), N (0), D (3), Q (0) = $0.33

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Mandy said...

Plans submitted and angels are celebrating by putting on a party at the City Center!!! That's just funny!