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Monday, October 4, 2010

Day #654 - Ripples

I guess technically the day (and the new week) began just after midnight. Today I spent the first three hours reviewing the Grading Plans for the new house. I expected it to take only one hour, but there were glitches.

Then from 3-4 AM I wrote emails and made phone calls. (Other time zones aren’t asleep at that hour). Tried for sleep at 4 AM, but the dog next door was barking at the darkness again. Finally gave up at 6:30 and got an early start to the day.


This morning I planned to be at the copy center when they opened to duplicate house plans. A 7:15 call from one of the subcontractors delayed me considerably. I mentioned that I was going to drop a surprise gift off for someone (person I had met only once briefly) and Doc told me (polite version) that I was silly to spend time and energy doing such foolish things. I told him I was “nudged” to do it. Yes, I had “important” things to do this morning, but this one was “necessary” (don’t ask me why - it did not make any cents to me either).


I went to the copy center, met with the architect, stopped by the stock broker’s office, took gift packages to the post office, etc. etc. No coins! I guess it was too early on a Monday and people hadn’t been “losing it” yet!

I finally, in desperation, went in to CVS. Doc says I need to be monitoring my BP with the “pressure of the new house”. I took my reading wondering what it would be with zero sleep last night. The reading was really low! Guess I’m wired backwards? Found a Penny there. (Coin #1).

Doc meanwhile went to McDonalds for his breakfast and 4 pennies. (Coins #2-5).


This afternoon I was very determined to “stay focused”. I began by attacking some of the piles of stuff I brought home from my office last month. Found $1, 2 dimes and 1 penny in a backpack, but I don’t think coins in purses and backpacks count as legitimate finds. (Although they were ‘lost’ for a considerable time and then ‘found’ today).

I was working furiously on house stuff. One bid finally arrived which I had been expecting. Good news on that item. Then a few more emails arrived to which I needed to respond. The doorbell rang. How unusual in the middle of the afternoon. Maybe one of the kids kicked a ball into our backyard or something simple. But what if it was a sales call? I did not want to answer the front door, but I did.

The lady at the door was the mother of the recipient of this morning’s drop off gift. She was here to thank me and tell me about the ripple of my ARK. She came inside and we talked for an hour. Wow! Who would have known.

Lesson Today: When you get those “nudgings” they can be more critical than the “important” tasks you are doing. Follow your heart.

I had this Penny Tale written and on the dining table for Doc to proofread when he got home from school at 10 PM. But he had collected an additional dime and a penny at McDonalds on his way to school. (Coins #6&7)

Total: 7 Coins P (6), N (0), D (1), Q (0) = $0.16

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hello Tina,
Today I have read in your daily blog about ripples, and can say that you are a generator of a particular energy ripples you emanate for those who are around you and who reads your blog.
Sometimes, when I feel a fit of spleen I open your daily blog and read your stories to get some energy from them. And I always wonder where do you get this energy?!!!
You, a small woman, are generating so much happiness, light and love, and vigor, that me, a big man, I feel myself ashamed that I am so callous, I cannot love and to feel like you….
And I am proud we became, I dare to say friends, several years ago.
Go on with your stories. I am sure many people acquire better mood after reading them.

Sasha from Russia