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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Day #677 - Warp Speed

Last Thursday I turned in the paperwork to get our assigned new address. It has been less than a week and we have received the letter from the City saying we are officially located at: 5421 Canistel Avenue, Rancho Cucamonga, 91737 (In case any of you want to do an aerial or street map view). Service at Warp Speed! They will notify all the agencies such as utilities, school district, tax assessor, post office, etc. I wonder if that means we will start getting junk mail now?


This morning I called the water company since we will need construction water when we begin grading the land. Based upon my first call to the water company in August, I was expecting about a one-month, up to $1,000 project. I spoke with Raymond, he said he would send someone out to the site to evaluate things. Before noon, Raymond called me back with his analysis! ”I personally went to the site. You already have a meter at the street, you just need to activate it”. I called Yvette in Customer Service and the meter was activated in a few minutes. Fee: $15 The Penny Angels are sure making things happen at Warp Speed!


This morning flew by. I was trying to get the documentation ready to submit plans by the end of the month. Since the City is closed on Fridays, that means TOMORROW! Warp Speed needed! I counted light fixtures, electrical outlets (137), researched horsepower ratings of the air conditioners, etc.

Then I drove out to the property to measure the distance to the water meter. Racing down the freeway (at warp speed) I noticed the day was absolutely gorgeous! The local mountains were so clear you could almost see every bush. The sky was incredibly blue and the visibility was endless. It was truly a breathtaking condition.

At the property I took a few measurements, then hopped back on the freeway (at warp speed) to make my 4 PM appointment with the nieces and nephews.


Uncle Doc was swamped at school, so today I went alone to fetch the kids for our bi-monthly Play Date. The kids and I headed down the freeway (at a rush hour crawl) to go to Cal Poly Pomona.

Once on campus, we had a blast! After checking in with Uncle Doc, we headed for a hike up the hill. As we approached the vending machines, I said, “I do not yet have a coin today, so we need to find at least one, OK?” We were all disappointed when we couldn’t see any coins at the machines. I said, “Let’s do our SingSong”. Ashley said, “I forgot how that goes”. “Hey Penny Angels won’t you come out to play, come out to play, come out to play.” We got that far when we spotted our first penny! (Coin #1)

Then we headed to the campus Marketplace. There were two pennies and a quarter at the Taco Bell. (Coins #2-4) The students in line didn’t even move as we each dove among all the legs for our respective coins. It was hilarious! Then we spotted another two pennies in the eating areas. (Coins #5&6).

We hiked all the way up to the top of the hill on campus. We encountered four of my former students and club officers. What a special treat! As we headed down the hill on a different path, we spotted a penny at a bank of vending machines. We collected one obvious penny, then Ashley went down on her belly and emerged with a dime! (Coins #7 &8). Nick spotted a penny by the trash can (Coin #9). A few minutes later we approached another bank of vending machines. The two boys raced to beat each other over there to find coins. They found none. Ashley went down on her belly again and emerged with a coin - this time a quarter. (Coin #10)

Lesson: You need to go beyond your comfort zone for the larger rewards. Successful people do what others won’t stoop to doing.

Half way back to Uncle Doc’s office we encountered one of my students from last year. He was one who was very active in class and it was great to see him and hug him. He asked if he could walk with us to Doc’s office and then maybe to dinner. Kevin is a juggler and a magician. So the kids got a personal magic show!

When we arrived at the cafeteria, the student cashier did not know what to charge for kids. So he said, “Special Deal - free for under 10-yr-olds tonight!” I told him he just performed an ARK and gave him a Penny Card. The Penny Angels have been so good to us today!

At dinner Kevin taught the kids some magic secrets, told about his electromagnetic railgun, explained about the importance of resumes, taught how magic relates to physics and engineering and so many other assorted topics. Just what every kid needs to know!

There is so much more to tell you …

Doc got home shortly after 10 PM and we worked on the water plan and a few things before he called it quits. I have much to do before my 9 AM meeting with the architect, so must work at Warp Speed and say good night to you now.

Total: 10 Coins P (7), N (0), D (1), Q (2) = $0.67

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Anonymous said...

You must have blown out the Penny Angels' switchboard. I needed a nickel to hit for the cycle on Friday, Did sing-songs, verbalizations. Nickel shows up on Saturday. Yesterday I needed a quarter. Shows up today (and two more tomorrow [for the chronologically puzzled, today is referring to Wednesday, but written on Thursday with 20/20 foresight]).