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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Day #662 - Windows

For several months I have vowed to clean and organize my office here at home. Somehow it just doesn’t get done because other things are “more important” (or less overwhelming). I’ve been attacking it one bite at a time. (Soon this elephant will be eaten). Today I actually found the white table top! (It hadn’t been seen for months!) Then I cleaned off the floor and was finally able to run the vacuum cleaner in there.

Thought: It does feel much better when things are clean and in order.

By 3:30 this afternoon I needed to get out of the house for a break and for some Penny Finding. I took some things to a local women’s shelter. That was fun. As I left the building I said, “Hi Penny Angels. I’m only planning to go here, then to the Window and Door Store, then back home. Your ‘window of opportunity’ is pretty narrow today. Can you just take care of business right here?” My truck was only a few feet away. There were 2-3 parked cars in the lot. I looked around. There were numerous blobs on the pavement, but no coins. There was a reflection under one parked car. I looked closer, lots of yucky blobs.

Nudging: “Is that one a penny?”

Tina: “No way”

Nudging “Look again”

Tina: “I tell you those are all blobs there!

Nudging: “Are you positive?

Tina: “Look! I am not going to practically crawl 2 ft. under that car to investigate your blob!”

Nudging: “OK, but don’t say I didn’t tell you.”

I crawled under the car. It was a penny!

The visit to the Door and Window store was wonderful! Five pages of notes and super-helpful and knowledgeable owners. Plus, the owner had a very similar story to mine. They had a parcel of land to build their church. The City refused to let them build and they were discouraged. Another piece of land was offered to them which was even better than the first! Sound familiar?

Today was window research. Anxious to go back for doors!


9:30 PM Doc just called in from school. On his break between classes he found a shiny shield penny after visiting the vending machines for munchies. Then a second penny when he got his coffee before returning to class.

Total Today: 3 Pennies

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