In March 2008 I began Finding Pennies. In December 2008 I began sharing these "Penny Tales" with a few close friends. They encouraged me to blog the Penny Tales such that more people could enjoy the Adventures with Penny Angels.

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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Day #656 - Doc On a Leash

Doc and Sparky went to McDonalds for breakfast. Doc put the dog leash around His neck to take it out to the car and then forgot it was there. While getting breakfast, Doc spotted a nickel at the drive up window. Then a penny, then a quarter! After retrieving those, he spotted another quarter by the van front tire! (Coins #1-4). Doc said I merely needed to find a dime today to make it a Hit for the Cycle - he had done all the hard work!

When Doc arrived home he was searching for Sparky’s Leash. Where could it be? It was still around Doc’s neck! So who took whom out this morning?

Some people have a Search Dog, I have a Search Doc!


This morning there were some changes to be made on the Grading Plan before submitting to the City again. They also asked for the Soils Engineer to sign it and take responsibility. We met Roger, a Soils Engineer, when we were working on the original Claremont house, He has been a Penny Pal since Day #1. I emailed and asked if he would be willing to commit to staying on board until this ark floats? His response is humorous:

There are those who thought I should have been "committed" when I decided to go to graduate school at the ripe old age of 49. Not surprisingly, I did it anyway.

I've been "committed" to your project since we started in Claremont…Give me a call when those plans are ready.

I did a job around the corner from your new lot a week or so ago. A beautiful area, but I did notice that people don't seem to pick up after their dogs in the parkway. That nice area of trees and grass was a "minefield." We did find a couple of coins mixed in with the doggie droppings, and even one in the backyard area of the lot we were grading. PennyFinders have infiltrated the neighborhood!


This afternoon I went to campus for a scholarship reception. I stopped briefly to check my mail, put some supplies away, pick up some delicious Indian food made by a friend, and say hello to people. While approaching the engineering building I said out load, “Penny Angels, please provide a coin here. I will be at the reception the rest of the evening. There was a nickel at the vending machine! Then as I kneeled to retrieve it, there was another nickel! (Coins #5&6). Doc asked for a dime, but don’t two nickels equal a dime?


This evening Doc and I had the honor of being involved with the President’s Council Scholarship Conferral Ceremony. One of my favorite students was a recipient. It was fun to meet her parents and congratulate them on their accomplishment as well. Andrea is so spectacular, I can’t even begin to list her talents.

You know how 25 is my favorite number and seems to keep recurring throughout PennyFinding … tonight there were 25 Scholarships awarded at $2,500/each. Such JOY!

Note: Andrea mentioned that she and the other student officers have found several coins in the area where I used to work!

Total: 6 Coins P (1), N (3), D (0), Q (2) = $0.66

Penny Finding is contagious! Help spread the JOY.

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