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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Day #664 - Investments

I thought yesterday was exciting. Today is equally so.

Last month Doc jokingly said: “When the van odometer hits 100,000 miles, I think it’s time for my new car”. I replied, “When our stock account hits $XYZ, I think it’s time for my new house!” He asked what I meant by that, so I told him ...

Earlier this year I looked at our stock account and was not too excited. The balance had really gone down over the past several years. At that time I said, “Penny Angels if this account gets to $XYZ, then a) it would be a miracle and
b) it would for sure indicate that I am supposed to build this ark (house) and
c) I would stop doubting this project.

It would mean a 25% increase in the account balance.

This morning I checked our account … it hit that level today!


This morning I vowed to call the rental management company and find out the status is of our vacant townhouse in Tennessee. I have put that off every day for at least a month. I opened my computer to look up the phone number and was greeted with the message: “

I'm so glad to tell you that we have an approved tenant to take possession on Nov. 1 Congratulations!

Manifesting in action! I hadn’t picked up the phone yet!


At noon we met with our Landscape Architect to work on the Grading Plan to get it to the City. We met on campus between his classes. Afterward, Doc offered me a ride to my car. I told him I would walk down the hill and pass through the campus Marketplace for today’s coin(s).

I had searched most of the Marketplace and found nothing. Finally spotted a penny at the Taco Bell. It was surrounded by students so I was waiting for them to move aside. JR (my former office neighbor) walked up next to me. He said that he already had claimed a penny at the entry door and was now going to get MY penny! I immediately dove for it. (Coin #1). We were laughing and saying hello when a second penny appeared and I dove for it as well! (Coin #2).

JR said he was headed for the Student Union next. I told him I was happy with my 2¢ and was going home to work on the new house project.

I exited the building saying to myself, “JR has already found the penny out here, there is no ‘cents’ searching here.” Wrong! I immediately spotted a quarter, then a second one, then a dime, then two pennies! (Coins #3-7). There were three ladies witnessing my find, one of whom I knew. So I shared Penny Finding with the other two ladies and distributed Penny Cards, such fun.

Lesson: Do not assume things. The Penny Angels play by their own rules. They like to have fun.

When Doc arrived home at 10 PM this evening, he contributed his found penny to the count. During the breaktime of his second lecture he got a coffee and a penny at the vending machine. This brightened his evening and re-energized him for the final lecture hour.

Total: 8 Coins P (5), N (0), D (1), Q (2) = $0.65


This is an added story for those of you who like “warm fuzzies”.

Last night I was headed for bed around 2 AM. I was ‘nudged’ to turn the computer back on and type an email to one of the Penny Pals. I typed:

You have been awfully quiet lately. You should still be sleeping right now, so I'm sending you a virtual blanket to wrap you with peace and love.”

Here is this morning’s response:

“Thank you so for the love, I really needed it. Last night I got home and I was just so tired. I was planning to call in sick. The way I was feeling I did not think I was going to be able to get out of the bed this morning, but.............. the alarm went off and yes I got up feeling refreshed! So thank you so much for that great healing you send me.”

Lesson: People need your TLC and caring. Everyone can send helpful thoughts. Do it while you are stopped at a red light, while you are waiting in line for your fast-food order, while at the car wash or getting groceries.

Challenge: Invest in 5 energy HUGs today.

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