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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Day #681 - The Yuckies

Today was spent getting things in order. There are piles and files laying in numerous places around my current house; some of which have been there for 2-3 years. Today I attacked a number of those “Do Not Want To Do It Tasks”. (the Yuckies). I was working on those types of tasks and Doc was grading midterm papers (student Yuckies). Plus Doc had a sore throat, cough and runny nose. (Definite Yuckies). So it was best today if we kept our distance from one another. (Nice way to say Bug Off!)


At 2:30 I headed to the bank, post office, etc. to make some deliveries and get away for a little while. Although I bought nothing, I went into a grocery store just to seek a coin. I emerged with a penny. (Coin #1)


I had dedicated today to dealing with STUFF. I wanted also to make some progress on the New House Landscape plans, but that would be the ‘reward’ when some of the other things were completed. (Which never happened. I fell far short of dealing with even half the STUFF).

Every hour I tried to conquer at least two Yucky tasks. At 9:15 PM Doc requested that I go out and get him some more cough medicine. I was not excited by that. I was working diligently and did not want to be disturbed. Also, it is Halloween and I did not want to go out driving.
But I obeyed.

After parking my van at the CVS pharmacy, I said out loud, “Okay Penny Angels, I am obeying my husband even though I don’t really want to right now. How about a reward for this?” The doors to the store opened; I entered. I saw numerous people standing there waiting to make their purchases. And a bright shiny dime in the middle of the dark blue carpeting! (Coin #2)

Thank You Penny Angels.

Total: 2 Coins P (1), N (0), D (1), Q (0) = $0.11

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