In March 2008 I began Finding Pennies. In December 2008 I began sharing these "Penny Tales" with a few close friends. They encouraged me to blog the Penny Tales such that more people could enjoy the Adventures with Penny Angels.

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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Day #663 - Insured

So many different things happening. Lots of smiles, hugs, and shared JOY with total strangers.

This morning I drove Doc to school and dropped him off so that we would be together in one vehicle by the end of the day. While at school, I quickly ran up to my (previous) office to check for mail and updates. On the way to the Engineering building I said, “OK Penny Angels, you know the routine … I verbalize, you manifest.” “I am hereby requesting a penny while I am here on campus.” I walked a few feet and spotted a penny under a table. Two custodians saw me and asked if I was penny finding. “Yes! And here it is!” Shared smiles. (Coin #1).

I walked a few feet further to the entry doors and there was a quarter by the vending machines. (Coin #2).


Doc asked me to get the van washed today. I had a coupon for a car wash I had never tried before. As a creature of habit, after running several other errands, I was going to go to my old, familiar car wash. The “nudging” was strong to try this new place. I argued that it was a further drive. I was again ‘nudged’ to go there.

I found a penny when I hopped out of the van, then a penny near the entry of the business. Good signs. (Coins #3&4). There was a huge, nice desk area straight in from the entry doors. I walked that direction to pay for my wash, but realized it was the office desk for an insurance agent! I thought, “How very strange to have insurance sales here within the car wash”. There were posted signs for Homeowners, Auto, Renters, and Business Insurance. The agent was busy on his computer, but I just had a “good feel” about him. He looked up as I was walking past. I didn’t really stop, just said, “I need Course of Construction Insurance”. He replied, “I can help”. I thought he was joking and said so. He replied, “Course of Construction Insurance was my specialty area before this economic downturn”. No way!

To give you a little more understanding … a month ago I contacted our Homeowners Insurance carrier. The first person didn’t know what I was talking about. The second person (agent) said he would conduct some research and get back to me. After I week I finally called him back. Oops! He forgot to call me to say they could not provide that kind of insurance. So he gave me a referral to company B which could.

I called company B. “Yes! No problem. we can have that for you easily”. After a week I called the agent back. “I’ll have that quote by end of day …” That was two days ago.

So when Mark, the agent at the car wash said he had Course of Construction Insurance, I was shocked. And the company is a well-known National Company. I asked him if he believed in “nudgings” and Angels, then told him about Penny Finders.

I found a drowned penny at the car wash right after speaking with Mark and ran back to share it with him. (Coin #5) Shared Smiles.

Mark said he would have a quote in writing within an hour - probably by the time I got home and checked my email. He did! And he provided several options and reasonable rates! Wow those angels work in mysterious ways.


This afternoon was our bi-weekly play time with the nieces and nephews. They wanted to go “10-pin” bowling. As we walked into the bowling alley, the kids walked right over a shiny quarter! It was in the middle of the path against dark carpeting. Am I the only one who could see this beacon of light? (Coin #6).

As we set up our bowling lane, there was a very pleasant-looking senior woman bowling solo in the lane next to us. I thought it peculiar. After Nicholas’ first bowl, she called him aside and gave him some ‘private coaching’. I thought her ARK (Act of Random Kindness) was touching. So I asked her for a moment of her time and shared Penny Finding with her. She Smiled. Said she needed to hear that today. Dorothy is care giver to her husband of 53 years. He cannot talk and she needed to get out of the house for a bit of a refresher and to speak to people. She seemed genuinely uplifted by our time together.

The older kids and Uncle Doc bowled. Little Jaime is 3 years old so she and I watched, fetched snacks, etc. Then we went for a walk around the block and stopped at the 7-11 where she found a quarter. (Coin #7)

After bowling we walked across the street for some Thai food. The kids love noodles, shrimp and fried rice.

After that, we went to the library for some reading time. There was a penny as I hopped out of the van. Again, the other 5 persons had walked over the penny, yet it was so shiny! (Coin #8).


We returned the kids by their curfew time. Then Doc wanted something fruity. Time for a McDonalds stop where he got a fruit smoothie and a penny. (He needed HIS coin for today). (Coin #9).

The van was also demanding food. (The ‘need fuel’ alarm had sounded). So we stopped for petrol. Doc pumped gas, I searched the convenience store. Didn’t see any coins. The young attendant was on his cell phone, but managed a “Can I help you find something?” I flippantly replied, “Sure! Today’s lucky penny please”. He came out from behind the counter and searched where I had already looked. He said, “Do you only accept pennies or will that quarter do?” Wow. OK. I’ll accept that. I told him about Penny Tales. Forrest was really nice and posed for a celebrity shot with the found quarter. (Coin #10). Such fun! I walked out the doors of the store and there was a penny in my path. (Coin #11). I went back in the store to share the penny with Forrest. Shared smiles.

There was much more today, but hopefully those stories provide a few smiles for you.

Forrest said, “Isn’t it amazing how little things can make a difference?” YES.

Total: 11 Coins P (7), N (0), D (0), Q (4) = $1.07

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