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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Day #713 - Meetings

Isn’t it great when the Penny Angels are helpful?

Two good stories today:

a) One of my neighbors said “Perfect Timing!” Her son was killed in a motorcycle accident two years ago and she said Thanksgiving was a tough time for her. A few days before Thanksgiving I was “nudged” to get her this cute, trailer shaped, birdhouse. I left it with a note on her doorstep. She shared how on that day she was depressed and in the middle of a crying spell. She noticed something on her doorstep. She said her tears turned to laughter and she even took photos to share with people.

b) One person emailed last night to say they had been seeking their wedding album for several weeks and were just a wit’s end. I asked the Penny Angels to help find the treasured book. It was found this afternoon!


New House Report:

8:30 meeting with City Grading Engineer. Two more minor changes

9:00 meeting with City Electrical and Plumbing Reviewer. Good dialogue. He had some suggestions for us. I had some for him.

9:30 stop at new house being constructed just down the street from our proposed house. Since he is running about 2 months ahead of us, thought it might be good to get his advice and hindsight.

12:30 meeting with the Architect for a review of the necessary edits. To be completed this afternoon (their office is closed on Fridays).

Meeting set for tomorrow with Project Manager, Daryl.

Meeting set for tomorrow with potential framer

Meeting set for Sunday with Appraiser.

Meeting set for Monday with City Engineer.

And more!

Bunches and bunches of calls and emails.


Penny Finding:

After meeting with the architect, I knew the rest of the day would be scrambling on Action Items. So I parked the truck and walked “fast food alley”. Found a quarter at Arby’s. The self-serve car wash was calling to me … Found three pennies in various areas. As I was leaving, I walked back through the first car wash bay thinking, “I really should walk elsewhere because I have already looked here”. Then I spotted a penny! As I bent to retrieve it, there was another penny! (Asphalt mushrooms). I had carefully searched that little area just moments earlier! I could almost hear the Penny Angels giggling on this one.

Doc stopped at Bravo Burger on his way home from work. A steak sandwich, fries and four pennies.

Total: 10 Coins P (9), N (0), D (0), Q (1) = $0.34

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