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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Day #718 - Hurdle Cleared

New House Stuff:

Today’s first appointment was with the architect. Debbie and I carefully reviewed the latest drawings and all the supporting documents needed to submit to the Building and Safety department for Round #2. All the documents were stamped and signed. We also merged the newly edited drawings for the Grading Plan and assembled the documents for that review.

I was headed to the City when something kept ‘nudging’ me. I finally pulled off the road and checked the pile of papers again. The original set of red-lined drawings was missing! So I headed back to the architect’s office to get those.

I was still on time for my 11:15 AM meeting with the City Grading Engineer. He looked at the changes, then put his stamp on the drawings. I was then required to take the drawings to the Planning Department for approvals and then to Engineering. Then back to Grading for final signatures and a congratulatory handshake! By 11:30 I was walking out of there!


After that I ran a few errands. Michael’s craft store for Glue Dots to assemble more Penny Cards. Very busy in that store. Collected a dime and two pennies at that stop. (Coins #1-3). Next I took some clothing to a women’s care center. Very nice encounter there. The gal asked me about my Penny Pendant … of course I shared the story and a Penny Card.

Then it was on to the bank and various other places. I passed a soda vending machine thinking: “Doc often finds coins in these, but I seldom do”. There was a nickel in the coin return slot (Coin #4). Angels proved me wrong again.


I checked in with Doc around 5 pm. He was in between giving exams. Told him the good news. He had collected a penny at the vending machines. (Doc #1) He saw a second one, but did not bother getting it. Later when he went back the coin was still there. This time he retrieved it - a dime. (Doc #2)

Total: 6 Coins P (3), N (1), D (2), Q (0) = $0.28

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