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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Day #734 - Winning Teams

Yesterday we scrambled to get emails, FAXes, and documents for the loan processor. Today we delivered the package. We had agreed to meet at Starbucks at 2 PM. We were in the left turn lane of a very busy street when Doc said, “Median coin! Any cars close by?” Then he put the van in park and captured that penny. (Coin #1)

When we entered Starbucks there was a man sitting in the corner working on his laptop. He had a really nice smile. Doc went to order his coffee. I walked around the store. The nice man got up and left. There was a penny under his chair. (Coin #2). Then two ladies who were sitting on the cushy upholstered chairs left and I found a penny there. (Coin #3). Are these people hatching coins?

Since Doc and I were a few minutes early, I went Penny Hunting. At the grocery store nearby I found a penny. (Coin #4) The lines of customers were very long! Glad I don’t do any Christmas shopping.

My motto: In December try to avoid any and all stores - both before and after Christmas.

As I was returning to Starbucks, my phone rang. It was at the same time I spotted a penny. Wasn’t sure which one to grab - coin or phone? (Coin #5)

Next we headed to the townhouse to check on the repair progress. It is nice having the work done by someone else under the insurance coverage. (As opposed to when Doc and I spent weeks fixing up the place during July and August). As we were leaving, I found a quarter in the dirt by the front door. (Coin #6)


One of our former students just posted a video on UTube which shows the testing of our solar car, Intrepid Too.

For many years we used the Christmas break at school to work with our winning teams on various solar cars.

Now we are pulling together a new (construction) team and looking forward to an outstanding design and build project - the “Penny Palace”.

Total: 6 Coins P (5), N (0), D (0), Q (1) = $ 0.30

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