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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Day #725 - Strike Two

This morning the owner of the auto shop called to say the 38 Chevy was ready for pick up. Doc and I hurriedly raced through a few errands so we could be at the auto shop by noon.

During our errands Doc made a quick bathroom stop at a grocery store where he collected a dime and I got my penny for today. (Coins #1&2). When we arrived at the auto shop I received an incoming call, so I stepped outside to talk. There was a penny at my feet. (Coin #3)


Last Friday we drove 7 miles from the auto shop before we lost all the radiator fluid due to a faulty freeze plug. We were assured that problem was solved. Today we drove about two miles before the car started losing power. Doc parked in the lot of an office building and said the car felt like it was out of fuel. I hiked to a nearby gas station. They wanted $12 for the gas can, plus the price of gas. So I called the auto repair shop and went back to borrow one of theirs. We poured 2 gallons of gas into the tank and headed out. We made it to the nearest busy intersection when the car died. I put on hazard lights to warn other traffic. A police officer drove past, but he was transporting a prisoner and could not stop.

We called the Auto Club. When I called for service, the AAA operator asked the year of the car. I said, “38”. She said, “No, not your age, the year and make of the car please!” Good for a laugh. While waiting for the tow truck, Doc went for coffee at the Starbucks in the grocery store. He also collected a penny. (Coin #4) The car was loaded onto the tow truck and we were ready to leave. Doc pointed out a penny right next to our van! I had stepped there at least 5-6 times. (Coin #5)

So the Chevy is back in the shop. Perhaps a clog in the carburetor. Doc thanked the shop owner for letting us borrow the car for a few minutes.

We stopped for a nice lunch as our consolation prize on the way home.


New House Progress:

We stopped at an iron works shop on the way home. Talked to the owner about the driveway gate for the new house. Other people had given us quotes which were 3-4 times our budget for that item. We had almost given up. Today Jimmy gave us a rough estimate which was right in line with our budgeted amount! Penny Angels at work.

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