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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Day #726 - Home Run!

This morning the owner of the auto shop called to say the 38 Chevy was ready for pick up. Doc and I hurriedly raced through a few errands so we could get over to the auto shop. (Same opening sentence as yesterday’s Penny Tale).

On the way to the auto shop we stopped for lunch. While Doc waited for our food, I walked around the parking lot. Found a dirt penny in a planter (Coin #1). Good. Then I noticed the restaurant had a drive up window. Found two pennies and a dime there. (Coins #2-4). Then a car was coming at me in the drive through, so I hopped out of the way and found a penny to the side of the driveway (Coin #5).


The owner of the auto shop was happy to see us arrive - and even happier to see us leave. He wants this car out of his shop. Nearby business owners are teasing him about the car driving away, but returning on tow trucks. Yesterday’s tow truck driver said he would be giving the mechanic a piece of his mind by now. He didn’t understand. This guy is getting additional bugs out of our car which weren’t the reason we took the car to him. Today he took the carburetor apart, cleaned it, and didn’t charge us for any of that.

The Chevy made it’s way down Route 66. She turned many heads on her drive. Finally she was back home. As one Penny Pal wrote this morning: “The Chevy was enjoying all the attention at the shop. Why would she want to come home and be locked up in the garage with the dogs again?”


We arrived home just after 4 PM and realized we had 30 minutes of daylight remaining and it was beginning to drizzle. Maybe we had enough time to get to the new property and determine which trees will need removal. We grabbed tools, tape, the grading plans and raced out to the lot. We marked off where the driveway will be. We knew one tree would need to be removed, but realized a second one would also need to be removed.

We measured the trees and then quickly drove to the City offices to submit the Tree Removal Permit Application. We were told it could take 2 weeks for approval and cost $500/ tree. Note: That is for approvals, not for the actual removal work. We submitted our form. The person helping us took our form to the back room for a very long time. Finally he emerged. We were fearful of what he was going to say. He said, “These two trees are 8” and 11” in diameter. Thus we have determined you do not need a permit!” Merry Christmas! That was sure good news.


On the way home Doc and I stopped to have dinner to celebrate! The Chevy was home and there was no Tree Removal Permit Fee. Yipee!

Doc then insisted upon stopping at the grocery store to get HIS coin for today. We walked in the store and immediately found a penny on the floor. Done. (Coin #6)

Total: 6 Coins P (5), N (0), D (1), Q (0) = $0.15

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