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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Day #720 - Propositioned

This morning Doc and Sparky went to Johnny’s burgers to get their breakfast burrito. There were two cashiers at the window - one provided Sparky with bacon and sausage, the other one propositioned him for his uhhhhh… male services!

When Doc came home to tell me about Sparky’s morning, we laughed. I told Doc there are hundreds of Chihuahuas at the Chihuahua Rescue shelter (where we got Sparky). I would never breed more. I could not even be paid to breed additional doggies. Doc quipped, “That’s a fundamental difference between men and women - women think compensation for such services, men want to give it for free!”


Today there was lots of grading going on - but it was grading of exam papers, not of dirt!

Doc was (supposed to be) grading Final Exams all day. I was working on new house and existing houses stuff. At 2:30 we took a break and went penny hunting. We took our glass and plastics to the recycle station. Collected one penny in the store when we went to redeem the voucher. (Coin #1).

Doc wanted to use a restroom, so we stopped at a grocery store. He went inside, I walked over to the In-N-Out Burgers. There were no cars at one of the windows! Unheard of in the middle of the day. So I dashed in and grabbed a nickel. Adrenaline rush! Then I walked through the picnic table area and collected two pennies and a dime! (Coins #2-5).

Doc found a super shiny penny at the doorway of the grocery store, then a nickel inside. (Coins #6&7). As I walked over to the grocery store there were two more pennies in the parking lot. (Coins #8&9). I said very casually. “We just need a quarter to Hit for the Cycle.” I walked into the grocery store and immediately spotted a penny in a closed check out lane. Then there was a quarter in the last, closed, check out lane. How easy was that? (Coins #10&11)

Doc was not satisfied. He insisted upon walking around the high school parking lot until he found a coin. Took about five minutes until he collected one penny there. (Coin #12)

Total: 12 Coins P (8), N (2), D (1), Q (1) = $0.53

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