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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Day #722 - Scrappin'

Doc spent the whole day grading Final Exams. In order to stay out of his way, I worked on our Chevy Renovation Memory Album. I was motivated to work on it because yesterday I took the album to the auto shop when we went to fetch the car. The shop owner really enjoyed seeing the album and was showing it to other people. The last pageI had scrapped in the album was for the year 2000. Today I scrapped years 2001-2005.

Here is a photo of Rose and Frances (plus their brother Angel). These are two of the four sisters who originally owned the Chevy back in the 40s. A third sister was Brian’s grandmother, Silvia. This photo was taken the day of her funeral.

This morning I searched for any Chevy photos I could find. I ordered prints on line for pick up at Target. This afternoon I headed to get the photos. As I hopped out of my truck I did a SingSong. Within moments I had a dime and a few minutes later I had my photos.

I stopped at the gas station for petrol. I opened the truck door to find a penny next to me.

Easy finds today.

I can hear Doc in the other room watching “It’s a Wonderful Life”. Guess he’s taking a time out from the grading.

Total: 2 Coins P (1), N (0), D (1), Q (0) = $0.11

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