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Friday, December 24, 2010

Day #735 - Night Before Christmas

Twas the Night Before Christmas and all through the town, Doc and Tina were searching for coins to be found…

So much for my desire to stay out of stores in December. I think Doc and I were in at least a dozen today!

We had breakfast with son, Brian and his fiancée, Celeste. The objective had been for Brian and Doc to drive the 38 Chevy to breakfast, but that did not happen. Instead they went for supplies and then worked on the old car.

The heck with writing a story, let’s do it Engineering style.

Stop # …

1) Breakfast No coins

2) Auto supply store Motor Oil and hand pump

3) Grocery store Last minute food items, Doc 1 (N) at photocopy machine

I needed a coin, so Doc and I went for a drive. It was such a beautiful day

4) 7-11 Nickel and penny under the counter, 3 pennies in the parking lot

5) A stop at the Deer Creek lot where we will soon be building. A One-hour discussion with Shannon (owner of nearby lot who is framing his house right now)

6) Gas station Sticky penny while pumping gas

7) WalMart Doc wanted food bars. Two pennies in the store, One quarter when walking back to the van

8) Scrapbooking store Doc found a penny in parking lot while waiting for me

9) Chinese All You Can Eat Buffet

Doc said, “We need a dime to Hit for the Cycle”

10) Pete’s Upholstery. I went inside while Doc walked the lot to find his dime

11) CVS Pharmacy Just for fun - plus 2 pennies inside, a dime, a nickel in the photocopier, and three pennies outside. Doc was approaching his goal of 10,000 steps today.

12) Grocery store. Earlier today I forgot to get the potatoes! So we went shopping - AGAIN! Collected 5 (P) , 1 (N), 2 (D) at that stop.

I was not planning to go Penny Hunting today. I had planned a nap! Some of the shoppers we saw seemed pretty grumpy by the looks on their faces. A few of the “Finds” were pretty funny providing us with the opportunity to talk to people and share JOY.

Total: 27 Coins P (18), N (4), D (4), Q (1) = $ 1.03

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