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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Day #727 - Break Even

New House stuff:

Yesterday when Doc and I were at the City submitting the Tree Removal Permit, I was bored while waiting. I walked over to the ladies at the Building and Safety counter to say hello. I jokingly asked them to tell me things I needed to know but was clueless about. One of them said, “I wonder if this project falls in any Special Districts and Assessments?” She gave me a phone number for Janet.

This morning I called Janet. Sure enough, we are in a special fire district and need to be annexed into that. It is a 75-90 day legal process with fees and forms. Our construction could be held up until we had that, but since we found out about this only yesterday, Janet will begin the process and let construction move forward.

I looked at the on-line tracking service where we can see the status of our various permits with the City. Today we got sign-off on the electrical re-check.


Yesterday we received a bid for the lumber and the estimator had some questions on the grade of materials being used. So early this afternoon Doc and I spent a few minutes with the architect on that issue. Then we stopped at a grocery store to search for coins. Doc went one way and I went another. We reunited at the front of the store - each with a penny in hand. (Coins #1&2). “Dates” do not need to be expensive to be fun.

This afternoon I went to the Habitat for Humanity Re-store, a lighting shop, several tile shops, etc. Doc had the oil changed on the car and did a few other tasks. He has gone to bed, but I see 4 pennies on the table. He mumbled something about high school parking lot and somewhere else, but I was not paying attention to him and now it is too late. Hmm… there is a lesson.

Thought: When our spouses or kids are talking to us, are we really paying attention?

Total: 6 Coins P (6), N (0), D (0), Q (0) = $0.06

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