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Friday, December 17, 2010

Day #728 - Friends

New House stuff:

Both the City and the Architect offices were closed today, so I set appointments for next week and did some design work on the kitchen.


Received an email this afternoon saying our friends Ian and Wendy finally got Certificate of Occupancy on their newly-constructed house! They have been trying to move in since August. There have been glitches at the finish line for over three months.

This afternoon I went out in the rain to procure some champagne and goodies for the new home owners. Since it was raining, a ‘basket’ was not a good thing to leave on the doorstep. Used a plastic 5 gal bucket instead and filled it with goodies. Found one penny while out shopping for the contents. (Coin #1) Such fun!


Last night a friend of ours called to say she just got 3 tickets to a performance of “Harps and Angels” for tonight. Did Doc and I want to go out with her? Angels? Harps? This sounded like a nice Christmas performance. So we went this evening. Turns out the event was downtown LA (think rush hour on a Friday night, Stop and Go traffic in the rain) and the performance was uhhh.. shall we say, less than Angelic. Far from it. Good thing our objectives were to have time with our friend and to visit a new location. That we did and had lots of fun with her.

Total: 1 Penny

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