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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Day #715 - Three, then FOUR

This morning a little yardwork, a little housework, plus some chores.

Doc found his 2¢ worth when he and Sparky went for a breakfast burrito. Sparky charmed the ladies and came away with some free bacon and sausage! (Coins #1&2)


Early this afternoon Doc planned to go school to prepare Final Exams. He suggested we make a quick run to check on his mailbox - and maybe I would find today’s penny. Doc first detoured to the local high school. He dropped me off at the south side of the lot

while he proceeded to drive around. I found a penny within 2 minutes and called Doc to say I was ready to leave. (Coin #3) He told me to keep walking …

I walked around the high school campus and found a quarter under a soda machine and a penny under a lunch table. (Coins #4&5) Then I walked around the skateboard park to find three more pennies. (Coins #6-8).

Meanwhile Doc had been searching the parking lot. He returned to the van asking. “Did you by any chance find a quarter? If so, we have Hit for the Cycle”. He held out his hands to reveal: 2 pennies, 3 nickels and 2 dimes! (Coins #9-15).

We did finally make it to Doc’s mailbox. He went inside to check that while I went next door to the pharmacy to look for coins. I didn’t find any. Doc found a penny out in the parking lot, (Coin #16) then came in the store where I was in line.

“Tina, did you check the coin counting machine?”

“Yes, Doc, of course I looked there”.

“Are you sure?”

“Doc, if you don’t believe me, then YOU go look for yourself”.

Doc walked away and then returned with a silly grin. “I don’t believe you. I’ll show you when we get outside”. Once we were out of the store, Doc opened his hand to show: 5 pennies, 4 dimes, 2 quarters and a partridge in a pear tree. No, I mean a Mexican Peso! Coin Mine there! And one of the quarters seems to be an old 1964 silver one! The value of that coin starts at $3.60 for the silver! (Coins #17-28)

We took photos of the finds and thought we were finished for the day.


Doc went to school to do some work. He stopped at McDonalds for a snack - and another penny. (Coin #29).


At 7 pm Doc came home for a few minutes, then headed out to find somewhere to watch the USC / UCLA football game and eat dinner. He called at 9 pm. It was half time. He was at a pizza parlor watching the game. He had found two more quarters and a penny! (Coins #30-32).

On the way home from the game, Doc stopped at the grocery store. He collected two more dimes and a penny there. (Coins #33-35).

Subtotal: 34 US Coins + One Peso = P (18), N (3), D (8), Q (5) = $2.38 + Peso

A TRIPLE Hit for the Cycle!

That was a pretty impressive haul for today.

It was 11:15 when I wrote the Penny Tale to this point.


Look how many quarters and dimes we already had.

We just needed another nickel …



So at 11:30 PM Doc and I hopped into the van and challenged the Angels to find us a nickel. As Doc started driving I accidentally said, OK Penny Angels find us a quarter. Doc replied, “I think you mean NICKEL”?

Within minutes of leaving our house we arrived at the Kentucky Fried Chicken. At the drive through window (using a flashlight) I found a ketchup-covered penny in a crack. As I bent to retrieve it, there was a quarter. “I’m sorry Angels, I meant NICKEL!” Then one more penny. (Coins #1-3)

There was one Penny at the Farmer Boys drive through. (Coin #4) We stopped to see Tony at the 7-11. He was not working, but I got a dime and two pennies. (Coins #5-7)

Stopped at Stater Bros. parking lot. One penny as Doc was driving into the lot, one as I hopped out of the van, and one at the ATM machine (Coins #8-10).

One penny at the ARCO gas pumps. One penny at an 8-bay car wash. (Coins #11&12)

Doc really wanted to go home. I really wanted that Nickel!

I got very serious with the Penny Angels, “Look. If I write today’s Tale and tell people how I went out at 11:30 to find a nickel and you did not deliver it, they will be really disappointed. It will make a much better story if you do produce the nickel and show how powerful verbalizing is. I think I can beg Doc to go one last place, but you MUST deliver there!”

I convinced Doc to stop at a 7-11 store by the freeway. While he pumped petrol, I searched. Found 4 pennies in the pumping area. (Coins #13-16). I walked into the convenience store. There were three teenage girls busy chatting while exiting. I held open the glass door for them. I heard a noise like a coin hitting the glass door. As I crossed the threshold, there was my NICKEL! (Coin #17).

Of course, I couldn’t resist going inside the store anyhow. Collected a dime and two pennies. (Coins #18-20).

Since Doc was still pumping gas, I wandered over to the Jack in the Box for a quarter and two pennies (Coins #21-23).

We headed home and I began counting the pile of coins in the ashtray. WOW! 24 coins! (Yes, somehow another dime snuck in there and I have no clue where that one was found). Doc said, “You just need one more to hit 25 …. Do you want to pull through the car wash by home?” I replied, “OK,if it won’t make you too upset”. We stopped. I had a penny within a minute. (Coin #25).

Subtotal: 25 Coins P (19), N (1), D (3), Q (2) = $1.04 Hit for the Cycle

Total for the Day: 60 Coins

P (37), N (4), D (11), Q (7) = $3.42 + one Peso + value of the silver

FOUR Hits for the Cycle

Lesson: Ask the Penny Angels to Help, then get off your "chair" and make it happen!

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Chaz DeSimone said...

Busy day! I remember how exciting it was about this time last year putting all the graphics together for you. I'll always cherish my visit with you and Doc. We gotta go get some more Middle Eastern food sometime soon! Merry Christmas!