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Friday, March 25, 2011

Day #826 - 888 Steps

Many of you know that the reason we are building our new home in Deer Creek is due to our son. For many years now, Stephen and his wife have desired to live in the Deer Creek area and have done many drive throughs and investigations of the various homes as they came on the market. When Steve first showed us their desired ‘dream’ neighborhood, I told him he was crazy to think of having a home there. It was way more than ordinary people like us could afford.

Steve and Laura continued to watch the area. That is how we obtained the lot we now have. Steve saw the foreclosed sign shortly after it was posted, and strongly pushed us to ‘throw in an offer’. We did, surprisingly it was accepted, and you know the rest of the story …

Steve and Laura are pursuing a bank-owned house in Deer Creek. It is a definite fixer-upper with leaking roofs, an algae pond which is supposed to be a pool, rotted out floors, dilapidated cabinetry, etc. It will take lots of TLC. The view of the mountains from the kitchen sink, though, is breathtaking.


Today I walked from the “doorstep” of our new house to the doorstep of Steve’s potential new house. It took just 7 minutes and 888 steps. That will be really convenient when Grandson Ethan and new Granddaughter Isla want to come visit Grandpa Doc.


Today we had out-of-town guests visiting. Good friends and solar car raycers for 40+ (?) years. Before they arrived, a quick run to the grocery store yielded munchies and two pennies.

We took them to visit our construction site since they have been part of this adventure for the past 30 years. One penny at Starbucks on the way to the site. There were some hilarious other occurrences during the evening, but those did not involve pennies.

Thought: Good friends are like comfy slippers - so warm and easy to be with.

Total: 3 pennies

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JR said...

As I was walking out through the parking lot, the setting sun reflected off something on the ground. Difficult to miss, I could hope it was a washer. Nope. It’s a coin, but not normal – must be foreign. Worse, on closer inspection, it was one of those goofy offset Jefferson nickels. Fortunately, due to a rather complicated interpretation of the church calendar, today is technically not Lent. Nickel collected.