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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Day #831 - Growing Up

Each day is so unique. How can people ever say they are “bored”?

This morning I had a phone meeting with a co-worker from the office of Alumni Affairs at school. I am putting together a 20-year solar car team reunion and asked if her office had any more recent addresses than I had. She provided a list of 25 names. It will be fun to see how “our kids” have grown up.


Doc and I spent some time this morning at the construction site. It’s been bugging Doc for a while, and yesterday, I too, was concerned. The foundation wall on the South side of the house just didn’t seem tall enough. Last night we checked the plans and today discussed things with the concrete contractor. Sure enough, that South wall needs to “Grow Up”.

I wrestled some numbers with the framer. He was saying my desk wall (48”) needed to be shrunk a bit. I objected because I want a desk in that corner. After discussions, he saw it my way.

Of course on the way home Doc had to stop for munchies. At McDonald’s there were two burgers for him; 5 pennies and two dimes for me (Coins #1-7). That’s the magic 25 number.

Plus in the planter, Doc found a little heart charm with diamonds in it. Sweet, Romantic Angels at work.


This afternoon we had our bi-monthly Play Time with the nieces and nephews. All six of us played like kids and had a blast. Must we really “grow up”? We took the Metro Gold Line (Jaime’s first time) into downtown L.A. dinner in China Town. One nickel and one penny. (Coins #8&9). We made wishes and threw pennies in a waterfall, rode on toys, and looked in shop windows. (photo taken by Ashley)

Then on the way home we hopped out at the Pasadena station and enjoyed Vanilla Steamers (coffee for Doc) at Starbucks.

Of course there were discussions about school, vacations, and what I want to be when I grow up. We had the kids home at 8:30 PM, but stayed to work on some math exercises with them. Since Doc and I both like math, we were having a great time. Brandon said, “this was such fun to do together!” Let’s hope they continue to have that excitement about learning new things.


On the way home, Doc made a grocery store stop. He got the items he wanted, I collected 6 pennies and a foreign coin of some sort. (Coins #10-15) At home we looked up the coin on line.

British One Pound 1983

According to Wikipedia:

In July 2010, it was reported there were so many counterfeit pound coins in circulation (about 2.81% or about 1 in 36) that the Royal Mint were considering removing the current £1 coin from circulation and replacing it with a new design.

Question: Why must “growing up” mean being stuffy and serious?

Isn’t it better to keep that childlike wonder and playfulness?

Total: 16 Coins P (12), N (1), D (2), Q (0) + 1 British Pound = $0. 37 + approx $1.60

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