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Friday, March 4, 2011

Day #805 - Baby Named and JOY Juice

I guess Steve and Laura decided that Ethan’s name selection for his sister “Lightening McQueen” was not something they could live with. So instead, they chose: Isla (eye-lah) Annelise Mom and Baby doing fine. Father tired.


This morning we were “on the job” at 8 AM making calls and appointments and arrangements. Doc collected one dime and breakfast at McDonalds. (Coin #1)

At 11 AM we headed to the townhouse to change the locks for the new tenants. Doc stopped at Starbucks for coffee, a dime and a penny (Coins #2&3). I went to the grocery store for flowers, a dime and a penny. Tied score for that inning (Coins #4&5).

Doc removed the front door locks and headed to the nearest locksmith to have them rekeyed. He returned with two locks and two pennies. (Coins #6&7). We did one last look over the townhouse, then took the new keys to the realtor. Yipee! That project is completed!


We headed back home to take care of a few project things and “Kid Prep” the house. Just before we arrived home, Doc spotted a very run over ‘median penny’ which was in the street. (Coin #8)

There was much to do with incoming calls and emails, so Doc went to the construction site without me. He had time with Concrete Rick, and Neighbor Craig. The formwork for the detached garage footings has been placed! City inspections scheduled for Tuesday for the sewer line trench.

Doc stopped at the 7-11 to fuel the van in preparation for our weekend adventures. He collected 2 pennies (Coins #9&10). Then a stop at McDonalds for a snack and 6 pennies (Coins #11-16). Then when exiting the freeway, another penny median find. (Coin #17).


This weekend has been promised as “Sleepover Weekend” for the nieces and nephews. Anticipation by all parties involved!

At first it seemed like a rough beginning to the weekend. We were to arrive to pick up the two girls at 7 PM. There was an accident which totally shut down the freeway and we were 25 minutes late. Brother Greg was supposed to be at work tonight, but unexpected things happened and he was home. Val’s day was rocked with one thing after another such that she didn’t even begin dinner until 7 PM, so the kids hadn’t eaten yet. Everyone was pretty much frazzled. So we all took a deep breath, set the table for 8 persons and had an absolutely, totally unexpected, wonderful dinner together! Such JOY! They are also building their dream home and plan to break ground next month, so there was lots of building talk at dinner.

Total: 17 Coins P (14), N (0), D (3), Q (0) = $0.44

Thought: Take lemons and make ----- JOY Juice! (That’s lemonade with love and other special ingredients added).

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