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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Day #816 - Raven Rescue

There were no coins at the McDonalds window where we stopped for breakfast. So when we noticed an empty Carl’s Jr. window on the way to the jobsite, I could not resist quickly walking through there. Collected two dimes. (Coins #1&2).


We arrived at the jobsite at 8:45 AM. The City inspector was expected shortly to sign off on the temporary power pole. Doc and Daryl were backfilling the trench and neighbor Craig was applying the required lettering just in time. The inspector gave his thumbs up. Next, we will get SCE to connect the power.

On the way home we collected a very run over penny on the freeway offramp. Doc thought he spied one yesterday, but it was too dangerous to investigate it at that

time. Today there were no cars behind us, so I hopped out of the van. We missed a green light, but got that adrenaline rush! (Coin #3).

Doc headed to the end-of-the quarter department meeting (luncheon). He collected a dime there. (Coin #4). I made numerous calls and contacts, then headed for a 2 PM meeting with the concrete subcontractor. Eight truckloads of concrete have been ordered for Friday!

I stopped at Lowe’s to investigate bathroom counters, bathtubs, etc. Found one penny there. (Coin #5).


As I rounded the corner to my house I spotted a raven in the street. His wing was dragging. I parked my truck and looked back at him with a heavy heart. He was hopping and plenty energetic, so what could I do? I would not be able to capture him. Then two neighbor boys on bicycles started chasing him and scaring him. I was out of my truck in a flash and giving the boys a piece of my mind. They should be trying to help the injured animal - not frightening it! The raven desperately took cover in a corner behind some bushes. I spoke gently to him and asked him to stay while I went into the house and telephoned for help. A Humane Society officer was dispatched. I went over to the raven every few minutes to talk to him. It took about 20 minutes for the officer to arrive. The bird was soon captured and hopefully off to get assistance depending on level of injury.

Total: 5 Coins P (2), N (0), D (3), Q (0) = $0.32

Thoughts: Children need to be taught respect for all creatures.

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Alexander Romanov said...

Would be nice if every person had such attitude to the Nature and animals...
Thank you Tina for the example.