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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Day #821 - Spring is Here

The storm did hit and there has been fairly heavy rain most of the day. Really did not want to leave the house at all, but couldn’t find any coins here. This first week of Spring is forecast to be a wet one.

Doc collected the first coin, a nickel, at a McDonalds along with his breakfast. (Coin #1)

In the early afternoon Doc wanted to get some photos printed, so we ventured forth. The photo lab at Target was closed and we found no coins there. Two strikes-outs.

We next went to the 1-hour self-serve photo machine at the CVS store. There was a shiny penny as we walked in the store, then a dime inside. As Doc loaded his photos, I searched for coins. Two pennies at the coin counting machine, one nickel under the photo copier, then as I stepped back to take a last look at those machines, I stepped on a penny! Doc finished his printing, then looked at the coin counting machine. “I thought you searched this store? I found some sort of copper coin at the counting machine, plus a penny by the exit door.” (Coins #2-8)

At the grocery store Doc found a penny in a food aisle and then a penny outside next to a sitting bench. (Coins #9&10).

We had time to kill while waiting for the photos to develop, so we visited the 99¢ store. Outside, I walked right over the shiniest penny, but Doc saw it. I found 3 pennies inside. (Coins #11-14). As we were leaving the store a sparkly caught my eye. There was a dirt nickel in the planter. (Coin #15).

Doc stopped for a mid afternoon snack at del Taco. I collected a very shiny penny. (Coin #16)

Total: 16 Coins P (12), N (3), D (1), Q (0) = $0.37 + one copper ?

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