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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Day #825 - Retirement?

Retirement is a full-time job! Today we had household errands, construction-related contacts, Penny Finding, solar car team reunion work, lunch, house research, sports watching and more. Who has time to work?

Tonight one Penny Pal suggested that we include videos of penny finding in addition to the house building. She must have been foreseeing things since this afternoon we took some video!


Around noon, Doc and I made a quick stop at the bank, then wandered next door to the grocery store to look for coins. I collected a dime and two pennies near the check out area while Doc retrieved a penny at the photocopier. (Coins #1-4). We walked outside in the parking lot where we paused for a moment to count the coins and record them. We had literally stopped on a dime! (Coin #5).

To save time, Doc fetched the van while I searched around picnic tables. I found one lonely penny. He needed friends, so I scooped him up to play with the other finds. (Coin #6).

Stopped at the 99¢ store. I shopped while Doc wandered the closed self-serve car wash. (He wanted to challenge my successful find from the other car wash. He only found two coins - a penny and a nickel. I found one penny. (Coins #7-9)

At the office supply store Doc passed by a really bright, shiny penny. I gave him a bad time about missing that one. Minutes later as we left the store, I walked past a penny on the sidewalk. Doc, in return, gave me a bad time. (Coins #10&11).


I was seeking a birthday card at the CVS store. Got the card and a dime. (Coin #12). Paused for a moment outside the store to record that find. I was looking downward at the voice recorder in my hand and noticed I had stopped on a dime wedged in a sidewalk crack. (Coin #13)

Doc had meanwhile gone to the van to get our “arm extender”. The garden section of the store has been closed for years. There are only weeds and trash there now. As we walked past, I thought, “It would be just like the Angels to torment me by showing me a penny in there!” Sure enough, they did. The Penny was approximately 3 ft. beyond the metal fence and beyond my arm length. (Coin #14) So Doc handed me the arm extender (back scratcher) which we keep in the car for just such purposes. My “prince” then spread out Sparky’s cushy towel on the concrete so I would be more comfortable. Got to love that guy! (See video).


For weeks Doc has been griping about his eyeglass case being so worn and frayed. I have suggested numerous times that he just ask the optometrist for a new case. He refused. (It must be a guy thing. Like not being willing to return or exchange items at the store). Today Doc drove next to the door of the optometrist, I hopped out, asked for a new case, and was back at the van as he was parking it. No big deal! We collected a dirt penny in the planter (Coin #15), then had lunch to celebrate the successful completion of so many errands!


The next 2.5 hours were spent working with a sales rep at a bath and appliance store. While I researched and discussed toilets, sinks, garbage disposers, etc., Doc drank coffee, tried to stay awake, munched, went to the bathroom, and tried to be patient.

When we finally returned to our van, he asked, “So do you want to go for more Penny Finding and try for a ‘Hit for the Cycle’ “? I said, “No. we have plenty”. With a Big grin, Doc pulled out a quarter! He had found it while wandering the store in his efforts to stay awake. (Coin #16).

Our day was now complete (except for Doc watching the College basketball tournament and my responding to emails, paying bills, loving on the doggies …)

Total: 16 Coins P (10), N (1), D (4), Q (1) = $0.80

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