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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Day #830 - Solo

Yesterday the new school term began at Cal Poly Pomona. As such, Doc is back in the classroom. I have now completed nine months of my one-year leave of absence. This baby is going to take a bit longer before it is delivered!

For the past four months Doc and I have been together every day. (It has been his “off” quarter from teaching). All the subcontractors and other people have come to know us as a pair. Today as I was working solo, people kept asking “Where is Doc?”


This morning I quickly did some follow up with the sales rep at the bath fixture shop. Then at Noon, I was out on the job site to meet with the concrete contractor. Today he was using a 1 ft. wide bucket to dig a little trench for a concrete block wall. There were so many rocks and boulders that the “little trench” was 2-3 ft. wide in places. And to think that at one time Doc proposed that we could do the block wall ourselves! You should see the “nuggets” that were pulled out.

I also began working with the septic tank installer. Exciting to lay out the plans for the next two weeks.

Some suggestions were made for storage under the house, so that resulted in conversations with the architect and civil engineer later this afternoon.


I had a meeting up in the mountains (1 hour drive) with Cal Fire services. We need to clear our land up there, so I was dealing with those services, contracts, etc. New project.

It was so nice in the mountains. Listening to the birds and the sounds of the stream. What a great “refresher for the spirit”. Should do that more often.


On the way down the mountain I stopped at a convenience store. Really to search for today’s coin, but bought a bottle of water out of guilt. The cashier asked about my Penny Pendant. So I shared the story and gave her a Penny Card. Then I bent down and picked up today’s penny. Joy Shared. Smiles!

Total: 1 Solo Penny

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JR said...

With all the money you're paying for "this location" why aren't there sewers in the street? At least this isn't Claremont where they would have you install them for the entire tract.