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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Day #804 - Baby Arrived

Our day began in the Maternity Ward of Kaiser Hospital. We had arrived approximately 8:30 PM. Laura (daughter-in-law) went in for C-section at 9 PM. Doc went foraging for snacks. He returned with a dime as well. (Coin #1) Since I already sent out the Penny Tale for yesterday, I’m just going to say that the coins found at the hospital were found on Eastern Time (3 hours ahead of Pacific Standard Time), thus they count for today.

Our other son and his fiancĂ©e were present along with Laura’s sister and mother. To explain Doc’s dime find, I shared Penny Tales with them and gave them each a Penny Card. I also mentioned that often times, just after I Share the story, the person will find a coin! Penny Fever is contagious. Sure enough, shortly thereafter, Alyssa (Laura’s sister) found a penny in an empty room where she was charging her cell phone! There was shared Joy and smiles.

At 11 PM Steve came out to announce Mom and Baby

were doing fine. Born: Girl, 8 lbs, 1 oz., 19.5” at 9:51 PM. Name? The parents have not yet decided, but big brother Ethan (3 years old) has suggested “Lightening McQueen” (name of race car from his favorite movie).

Steve said it would be a few more hours before Laura and baby would be ready for visitors, so Doc went foraging. He came back with 3 pennies. (Coins #2-4). I continued embroidering a picture of an Australian Outback Hideaway which I started 10(?) years ago.

At 2 AM we finally were able to see Mommy and Baby. Grandpa Doc and everyone else was smiling big.

3 AM back home, 4 AM bedtime.


We had 8:30 dentist appointments and Doc did not even insist upon stopping at Starbucks first! Doc found out he needs a crown replacement. Not fun. So afterward we went for a consolatory Starbucks run. Doc found a quarter. (Coin #5). I walked next door to the Del Taco. Nothing in the driveway, but three dirt pennies. (Coin #6-8). As we were getting onto the freeway, Doc had another one of his Median Finds. (Coin #9).


We next met with the Civil Engineer and picked up some edited drawings. After that, we headed to Cal Poly Pomona to get something from there.


Arrived at the jobsite around 1:30 PM. Wow! Things were really moving. That chalked out laid out floorplan which you saw yesterday, had been chewed to pieces. Equipment in constant motion to create the trenches and pier footings. A few more big rocks brought up.

Grader Craig was out of the hospital and came by to check on things. He was looking so much better. Grateful.


We raced home to make calls and follow up on some action items. Wow there is a lot going on.

We had a 5:15 PM meeting with the realtor and new tenants for the Duarte condo. We were a few minutes early, so Doc stopped for a 49¢ coffee at Carl’s Jr. I hopped out of the van and collected a penny and a Mexican 10C piece. Doc got a penny which I overlooked. (Coins #10-12). As I was standing in the parking lot waiting for Doc to drive over and pick me up, there was a dime in front of me! (Coin #13).

We met the new tenants - answer to prayers. This couple is fantastic. We were enjoying their company so much, we went out to dinner and spent a few hours getting to know them better. And the Penny Angels are involved in this transaction as well. Last night after I shared with Cheri about my Penny Tales, she found a penny under a floor pillow at her house. Then this evening after dinner, she found a dime when returning to their car.


JOY. It can be soooo huge sometimes. Don’t you wish you could bottle it and share it with people? It’s got to be better than any of the “artificial highs”.

Total: 13 Coins P (9), N (0), D (2), Q (1) + 1 Foreign = $0.54 + 10 centavos

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cheri said...

Wow - what a wonder-FULL "full" day you and Doc had! We were so happy to be part of it! We came home and got to share all about you two with our dear friend Own, we told him about how you and I spoke on the phone last night, and your website, and the emails and the penny under the pillow and our meeting tonight, dinner and THEN the dime!!!! LOL! What fun! I love the confirmation of knowing we are right where we are supposed to be. Looking forward to the beginning of a joyful friendship. Thank you again for tonight!