In March 2008 I began Finding Pennies. In December 2008 I began sharing these "Penny Tales" with a few close friends. They encouraged me to blog the Penny Tales such that more people could enjoy the Adventures with Penny Angels.

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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Day #811 - 66 on Route 66

Another fun day of cruisin’ through new adventures. And for a little while it was even along Route 66.

Doc began the day with a penny and breakfast burrito from Johnny’s Burgers. (Coin #1).

We had a noon meeting with Project Manager Daryl. Then we stopped at a grocery store --Doc for a Starbucks coffee and me for a flower for the person at our next stop. I also wanted to look for my coin. I spotted some silver at a self-serve check out line. We had to use Doc’s haircomb to extract a nickel and quarter from the cabinetry crack. (Coins #2&3). I said, “now we need a dime and penny”. Doc walked maybe ten feet to the service desk and within seconds picked up a dime just sitting there on the floor! Amazing (Coin #4). I said, “Wow! Just a penny now to have a Hit for the Cycle at this one stop.” We cruised the check out area once more upon leaving. Another quarter! (Coin #5) But, Penny Angels, that is NOT a penny. I was slightly disappointed that they had not delivered a penny - those are the easy ones. Just a few feet shy of the van in deep green grass, something caught my eye - the requested penny! (Coin #6) JOY! Angels were having fun. Doc quipped. “Hey, we just found 66¢ on Route 66”.


Our next stop was at Cal Poly Pomona. A few really neat “coincidences” happened in the few minutes we were on campus. Plus I found a dime. (Coin #7)

By 2:30 we were hungry. We cruised over to an In-N-Out burger. I had a $5 Gift Card, plus we found 3 pennies and 2 dimes while there, so the net meal cost was 26¢ One of the dimes was so discolored I thought it was a penny until Doc cleaned it. (Coins #8-12).


After that we cruised down the freeway to the construction site. The trench has been dug for the temporary power pole and more formwork has been erected. It was fun to “hang out the address sign” for the Penny Palace. Can’t wait to also put out a mailbox!

Our next stop was unplanned. It was a special spot which we felt ‘nudged’ to investigate. There were a total of 6 pennies in various places. That was a very encouraging sign from the Penny Angels. (Coins #13-18).

Next we cruised over to visit the new Grand Daughter, Isla. We had not seen her since she emerged on March 2. Son Stephen requested a coffee, so en route we stopped at a Starbucks. We found 4 pennies and 2 quarters there. Nice. (Coins #19-24).


This evening as I was writing Penny Tales, Doc was counting up the coins. He totaled 24 coins. I said, “Shucks, just one shy of my favorite number”. Then I felt the penny in my shoe! Ahh, yes. There was that final penny collected at the Trader Joe’s store where I shared the Penny Finding story and a Penny Card with a cashier!

One of the new Penny Pal readers said her husband felt a Penny in his shoe today! This is contagious.

Silly Thought: Better to have Penny Fever in your shoe than Athlete’s Foot!

What silly thing will you do tomorrow to make someone laugh?

Total: 25 Coins P (16), N (1), D (4), Q (4) = $1.61

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JR said...

I'm giving up penny-finding for Lent.