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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Day #838 - HALT!

This morning we were off to an early start to obtain the Septic Permit. The tank and seepage pit parts were to be delivered tomorrow.

Doc found one median penny on the way to the jobsite. (Coin #1)

We arrived at the City at 8:30 and submitted our Septic Plan. The City engineer wanted much more detail than the 12 pages we provided. He listed many items which would likely take a week to obtain. We called the Septic Contractor and said HALT! Do not dig as planned today. He then called and put a HALT on delivery of the septic system components.

We spent the next 1.5 hours “dancing” with the City Engineer. We added some data and hand-drawn details and paid the review fees. We finally emerged with a stamp saying we could chalk out where the tank would be positioned and request a City Inspection. Then when we get the OK and pay the Permit Fees, we may resume work.


Two more truckloads of concrete today. The grout in the North wall and garage walls. Plus, the concrete slab for the basement. That part went according to plan. The concrete team is wonderful!

On the way home, Doc stopped at Carl’s Jr. for his burger, while I collected a quarter and 3 pennies. (Coins #2-5)


After my 2 PM appointment, my brain was rattling off dozens of action items and messages to send. I was walking between parked cars and trying to mentally capture all the “To Dos”. Right in my path was an unexpected penny. It caused me to come to a dead standstill and HALT! (Coin #6)

There was an “attachment” thought when I picked up the penny: Your brain has taken over! Tell it to keep quiet and let Spirit come through! HALT during your day and remember what is really important in life.


This evening Doc and I had a meeting in Irvine (about an hour’s drive from home). We arrived early, so Doc stopped at 7-11 for a coffee. I found 4 pennies in various places inside and outside the store. (Coins #7-10).

Tonight during the presentation the speaker at the workshop said, “Does this make Sense to you?” So, of course, at the end of the seminar, I gave him a Penny Card and said, “Yes, Things Make ‘Cents’”!

Total: 10 Coins P (9), N (0), D (0), Q (1) = $0.34

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