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Monday, April 11, 2011

Day #843 - Poop

Since Doc had not yet seen the septic tank and seepage pit liners, we headed out to the construction site first thing this morning. So the day began with investigating Poop Processing devices! Those liners can hold hundreds and hundreds of gallons of the stuff! (See photo)

Thought: How much “stuff” can each of us process every day without overflowing or getting backed-up? I guess that is part of what we are here to learn.

Doc playfully “sat” on the future garage toilet. He was showing how the poop will be flowing.

As we were walking around the site and I was stepping on some loose rocks, I grabbed onto some wood for support. I collected a splinter. Poop”! I had a pin in the car, so on the drive home, I dug out the irritant.

Thought: With the right tools, Poopy things can be dealt with effectively.

I spent an hour waiting in line at the Main County Records Office only to get up to the counter and be told they could not provide what I needed. Poop!

Next I headed to the Records Office in Long Beach. It was 1.5 hours of standing and waiting in a long line. People were bored and in their own “elevator mode”. (Looking at the floor, the walls, the cell phone, etc.) Very much detached. Some young guys were talking cars, so I chirped in and we strayed from Camaros to Solar Cars! I did a mini-presentation on solar cars and sunraycing to anyone within earshot.

Thought: With the right attitude, even Poopy situations can be OK.

Doc of course was at work until after 9 PM again.

Oops! Pennies? After going out to the lot, we stopped to get some dog food. (Which certainly leads to more poop). We were down to the last can and Norman had expressed his concern with the empty cupboard. I collected one penny at that stop.

Total: 1 Penny

Lesson: We need daily poop in order to stay healthy. With the right attitude and tools, it can be dealt with in a positive manner.

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