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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Day #844 - Keyed In

Doc wanted to visit the construction site before heading off to work today. On the way out there, he stopped for his Starbucks coffee while I collected 5 pennies at the Carl’s Jr. and Chick fil-A. (Coins #1-5)

At the jobsite, Grader Craig was digging holes 17 ft. deep for the seepage pits. He needs to get those keyed in to the right elevations so stuff flows properly.

Matt was the solo member of the concrete crew today. He was painting Smurf walls. (Blue waterproofing).

Doc went off to work, and I made/sent many phone calls and emails. Trying to get Edison, the plumber, the electrician, utility trencher and others ‘Keyed In’.

Then I ran errands for several hours. First stop was a key cutting shack. The attendant was out for lunch. (The “Be back in 10 minutes” sign was hanging). So I walked the parking lot. Found 3 dirt pennies. (Coins #6-8). An older couple was my witness, so I gave them a Penny Card and shared the story.

At the office supply store I printed a sign for the construction site. The gal there was very nice so I gave her a Penny Card. And there were many more encounters and smiles throughout the rest of the afternoon and evening. It just seemed like people were ‘keyed in’ today.

Total: 8 Pennies

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