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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Day #858 - Contentment

Doc and Sparky collected a penny at Johnny’s Burgers along with their breakfast burrito. (Doc Coin #1)

On the way to the jobsite, I stopped to buy a trash can and other supplies. Got a penny there. (Tina Coin #1).

Today I was sitting at ‘my desk’ (a folding table) in the ‘office’ (the new lawn shed) and looking out the window. The coffee pot was brewing coffee for the workers, the nail guns were shooting off their ammo, the birds were singing, and the lizards were romping on the rock pile. It was a feeling of quiet contentment; a very nice glow. As I stepped out of the lawn shed something shiny was gleaming in the gravel area and caught my eye. It was a penny! (Tina #2). I have to wonder now if the Angels or the workers are placing those coins?

One photo shows Daryl (Project Manager) at the “cellar door” (access to under the house). The second photo shows Joey and Jaime working on the support walls. The goal is to be framed up to the floor by Friday.


This evening my mom dropped in. (My brother lives three houses away from us and he is on travel, so she is feeding the dog). She asked about our new house. (She does not have a computer to read Penny Tales). I have product samples and ‘test items’ all over our current house. Mom did not like any of my choices of flooring, countertops, wood, cabinet knobs, door trims, cabinets, etc. etc. Definitely NOT contentment time. I am soooooo anxious for the Penny Palace Celebration when you, the Penny Pals, can see it and form YOUR opinions.

Doc arrived home after 9 PM again - just as Mom was leaving the driveway. At school today he spotted some blobs under a bench. Those turned out to be two pennies and a nickel. Seven cents. Nice. (Doc Coins #2-4).

Total: 6 Coins P (5), N (1), D (0), Q (0) = $0.10

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