In March 2008 I began Finding Pennies. In December 2008 I began sharing these "Penny Tales" with a few close friends. They encouraged me to blog the Penny Tales such that more people could enjoy the Adventures with Penny Angels.

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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Day #845 - Shining

This morning Doc stopped at Starbucks en route to the job site,. He actually spotted a penny outside the store from where he was standing inside the store! Is that a Stand and Find? He said it was “shining like crazy”. (Coin #1). Meanwhile, I walked past the Carl’s Jr. window and collected a nickel and 3 pennies. (Coins #2-5).

We had a 9 AM meeting on site with two reps from Edison. Discussions of the trenching of electrical lines and placement of the electrical box. They should have final designs for us within the next few days. Penny Cards distributed.

I did a PP presentation today. (See photo). That was a Porta-Poty Posting!

Grader Craig was working all day digging and connecting the septic system.

Matt finished the waterproofing of the North wall.

Framer Danny was on site working and off-loading the delivery truck. Framing to begin Monday.

At 1 PM the first load of lumber arrived on an 18-wheeler. (We were told to expect a small truck). Doc estimates 12 tons of wood. That is only the wood for under the floor. A pallet loaded with the various boxes of hardware was also delivered. Shared Penny Tales and a Penny Card with the lumber company rep.

We stopped for petrol and coffee after leaving the jobsite. Doc found another shiny penny. (Coin #6)

Although it was overcast today, the sun must have come through, because when I got home, my face and neck were shining. (Got to remember to cover up).


This afternoon was Play Time with the nieces and nephews. Doc and I were pooped (See Monday Penny Tale), so we offered to take them to a movie versus a park. (Much easier on our bodies). On the sidewalk in front of the theatre Doc found a shiny 2 Euro Coin. (Coin #7) That’s worth $2.90! That would pay for one and a half movie tickets! We thought it strange to find a European coin there. Another COINcidence? The movie (Gnomeo and Juliet) was based in a European setting and featured characters with British accents.

After a scrumptious Mexican dinner, we spent 25 minutes at Chuck E Cheese’s play center. That place is filled with kids, crowds, noise and commotion. I dread it. After the first five minutes I was ready to leave. I found a shiny penny.

Message: Angels are here with you!

After another 5 minutes I was counting down the remaining time. Found another penny. I was laughing with the Angels and saying “Thanks for the humor”.

After another few minutes there was another penny. That one was amazing. I was watching Jamie play. I am sure that penny just popped out of the carpet next to me. No one was nearby, yet the shiny coin suddenly appeared!

I was trying to “hide from the noise” in the dining area. There was a penny on a bench there.

Message: We (Angels) are still here with you, Hang In There!

Ă…nother penny where the kids were playing, then another penny as we were gathering together to leave. Seven pennies spaced throughout that short time. Thanks Penny Angels. (Coins #8-14).

Total: 14 Coins P (12), N (1), D (0), Q (0) + 2Euro = $0.17 US + $2.90 value

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