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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Day #851 - Snapped

On the way to the job site, I noticed there were no cars at the Carl’s Jr. drive up window. I quickly walked through there hoping to take care of that ‘action item’ for today. Found one penny. That was a snap!

Yesterday I took an electric file to the copy store for a print out of a banner. The dragon graphic did not show. I saved the file as a pdf and tried again this morning. Done in a snap - and laminated as well. While I was paying for the quick job, I spotted a dime and two pennies. (Coins #2-4) Shared the joy with Samantha, the sales assistant.

Doc was at work all day. He found a penny while fueling the car. (Coin #5).


Today there was good progress made at the site. Framer, Danny, snapped out the sill plates for all of the house walls. Found that one of the concrete footings is 8” off. This is not good. Also the front footing is 1” too tall. Time for creative solutions.

This morning the porta potty service did their weekly routine. He was done in a snap! One minute to suck the tank; one minute to swish cleaner around the inside of the unit; one minute to hose down inside and out. A fresh roll of paper, a quick sign off on the posted log and he was gone. Wish I could clean my bathroom that quickly!


The lawn shed was supposed to be a one day job, but due to the rain, the crew worked today as well. They have done hundreds of similar sheds and made it look so easy. They expected to be done by noon, but it did not snap together as quickly as they planned. (One minute of video).

I had printed out a fresh set of the plans I had drawn for them, but was told “I’ve got it all memorized”. When the job was nearing completion, I mentioned a dividing wall that was missing and some dimensions which were not close to what I had requested and drawn. Oops. I also wanted decorative strap hinges vs. the plain ones normally provided. Unfortunately I did not buy enough, so made an emergency run for more. Oops.

One of the workers heard about Penny Finders, so he left a penny in the shed for me to find. That was cute. I left it there for good luck - and he painted the floor right over it! He could have at least centered it in the doorway or something! As I was sweeping up after the guys, I found a second ‘planted penny’ on the garage slab. Cute.

It’s such fun when the construction workers also catch Penny Fever.

Total: 5 Coins P (4), N (0), D (1), Q (0) = $0.14 + 2 planted pennies

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