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Friday, July 22, 2011

Day #945 - More of Day #944

Today seemed to be a continuation of yesterday.

Doc and I took care of a few things in the yards, then he was off to the auto shop for an 8:30 smog check appointment. At 10:30 we headed for the jobsite with several errands en route.

At the jobsite, things seemed to continue at an accelerated pace this week. Framer Danny had numerous questions for us. The HVAC guys had tacked the air registers in each room until they could get our approvals for each placement. Of course, once I explained where the various furniture pieces will be placed, they understood the need to move several of the vents. We also added three registers.

I found a penny on the floor of my future office. Makes me wonder if the workers are playing with me. They solemnly swear they are not. (Coin #1)

At noon, son Stevie called and asked if we were busy today. Understatement! “No son, we are just sitting here at the beach drinking Margaritas, what do you need?” He is moving into his house this weekend and needed our assistance. Not According to Plan.

Stevie arrived at the jobsite at 2 p.m. He brought lunch “to keep up our strength as we are working”. For the next few hours we helped him pick up some orders he had placed.


Doc and Stevie dropped me off at home so that I could make at least a dozen calls before the end of the business day. Then at 6 p.m. I headed out to run errands. I had a voucher to redeem for the recycle items Doc turned in last month. It expired yesterday, but was still honored. Yipee! Found three pennies and three dimes there. (Coins #2-7).

Got dog food and a penny at the next store (Coin #8).

Doc found a few coins as well. One penny at the gas station and one penny in the flower bed at Starbucks (Coins #9&10). A penny, quarter, and dinner at McDonalds. (Coins #11&12).

This evening we are scrambling and trying to further refine the fireplace drawings, develop a finish carpentry list, verify exterior door details, review the painting and stucco contracts, etc.,

Next we will pack our suitcases in anticipation of our sleepover with the nephews.

Total: 12 Coins P (8), N (0), D (3), Q (1) = $0.63

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