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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Day #928 - JOY Stop

This morning Doc brought the neighbors’ trash bins in for them. He found a penny in the process. (Coin #1).

At the jobsite, the framing crew was working at full speed . Don’t know how they do it. I was in the heat and humidity for 5 minutes and ready to call it quits. They are up on that roof for hours lifting heavy timbers, cutting, nailing and standing on those narrow walls! I admire their stamina. Great crew.


As we were driving home, Doc was “nudged” to pull into a certain 7-11 so I could look for my coin. I said, “Sure. I have seen that store and planned to stop there, but have not done that yet”. It turned out to be a great “JOY Stop”!

I entered the store and looked all around the floors three times without finding anything. I was disappointed. I heard a cashier saying, “Lady, what are you doing?” I gulped and tried to be invisible. Didn’t work. I turned around to face the man. It was Tony!!!! He was the casher in our local 7-11 who had suddenly disappeared and we lost track of him. He was the one who would hold up customers and make them hand over their pennies to me! I replied, “I am searching for pennies, but have now found YOU instead!”

I wished we had a video camera at the moment. Pure JOY. I hugged Tony several times. His new boss was wondering what was happening. As I was hugging Tony, I spotted a penny under the counter. (Coin #2) I think it manifested while we were hugging. I called Doc inside the store and there were many more hugs and smiles. JOY moments for any customers who were present. There was one more penny in the parking lot. (Coin #3).

Note: Tony’s shift had ended, yet he had been delayed in leaving. Was it ‘COINcidence’ that we stopped there at that time?


We came home and had numerous calls and emails to deal with. Then it was off to school to work there. When I was finished and leaving, I glanced in a flower bed. Many cigarette butts, trash, dozens of dead snails and one penny. (Coin #4)


Doc stopped at the grocery store for tonight’s dinner. (No dishes that way). He suggested I look at the coffee station. Sure enough, a dime there! (Coin #5). Then one penny at check out and another just before getting back to the van. (Coins #6&7).

This evening is full. Reviewing the window order, revising the printed program, fine-tuning the food order, arranging seating charts, making signs, dealing with RSVPs and questions …

Total: 7 Coins P (6), N (0), D (1), Q (0) = $0.16

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