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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Day #950 - Growing Money

This morning we met with Daryl (Project Manager) to review the project status. Things are really moving now.

On the way to the jobsite we stopped at a paint store to look at stains. Then we detoured into a 7-11 to look for coins. I found a dirt penny in the planter as soon as I hopped out of the van. That was all I needed. But Doc said, “That is just an old dirty coin, you need something better than that.” So I walked inside, looked under the counter, and came out with a shiny penny for him. (Coins #1&2)

We next stopped to fill the drinking water jugs for the workers. There was no line at the Carl’s Jr. drive up window, so I ran over to search. There were no coins under the window. I glanced at the planter bed in hopes that I would find a coin. There was a penny, and another, and another. There were newly planted flowers and it almost looked like the pennies had been intentionally sown. Someone was trying to grow money in addition to the flowers! I collected 15 badly chewed pennies and several pieces of a 16th one. (Coins #3-18) Coin mine.

At 7 p.m. we visited Framer Danny’s current house. He has been telling us about it and he is moving out this weekend. Thus we wanted to see it. Very nice detail and d├ęcor. Hope ours will look that nice.

Doc went for dinner and one penny. (Coin #19)


Penny Palace Progress:

The fireplace box was framed.

Vent covers installed around the exterior of the house.

The front decorative trusses were begun

I located placements of furniture and decorative posts.

Total: 19 Pennies

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