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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Day #947 - Triple Terrific

Every moment of today was Terrific! A day of pure JOY with three of my most favorite guys and a Triple Hit for the Cycle!

We woke up at the cabin to chirping birds and with much anticipation of a day to just explore and have fun.


The first stop was for breakfast at the Belgian Waffle Works on the shore of Lake Arrowhead. Doc found a dime before going in. (Coin #1). The waffles were Terrific - so we ordered a second round! After breakfast as we made our way back to the van, Doc found a quarter and a penny laying boldly in the walkway. Then he looked over the railing in the bushes and saw a dime and a penny which Brandon scrambled to get. (Coins #2-5). So we all began saying “nickel, nickel, nickel”. Within a few minutes Doc found a nickel in the parking lot. (Coin #6). That was Terrific. Hit for the Cycle.

Brandon then did a Sing Song “Penny Angels find a coin for Aunt Tina”. Within a minute we had a penny and it was a double (two stuck together). (Coins #7&8)


We headed to Big Bear Lake and the Animal Park there. Uncle Doc needed a snack, so we stopped at one 7-11, then another. Collected 6 pennies and one dime. (Coins #9-15)

At the Moonridge Animal Park Uncle Doc found a penny in the parking lot. (Coin #16). An animal handler was walking a tortoise and we noticed a dirt penny right next to her. So we traded her a Penny Card for the dirt penny. (Coin #17). A Quarter by the Timber Wolf exhibit which Brandon easily retrieved. (Coin #18)

There was a wishing well to collect coins for the animals. The boys threw in some coins. Two little girls nearby also wanted to toss coins, but their mom didn’t have any change. So we gave them each a penny and their mom a Penny Card.

It was noon and the Boyz were ready to leave the Animal Park. We made reservations for a 4 p.m. boat tour, then went exploring. Doc drove all the way around Big Bear Lake just for a scenic drive. That was fun.


We had lunch at a little cafĂ© in the tourist part of Big Bear City. There was a traveling carnival across the street. The Boyz wanted to go on some of the rides so we bought them a book of tickets. They chose to ride the spinning buckets three times consecutively. Triple Terrific Fun! (It’s a wonder they didn’t lose their lunches).

Kmart for some supplies and two pennies. (Coins #19&20) I was “nudged” to buy sunscreen, but logical voice said “you already have so many, don’t buy another one”.

We arrived at the boat dock at 3:30 for our Pirate Ship cruise. Doc hopped out of the van to nearly step on two quarters! (Coins #21&22).

After getting checked in, we were told that the seating was all topside with zero shade for the entire 90-minute tour. That was not good news. Five minutes in full sunshine and I would be fried. At least Doc had a sweater in the car which I could use for arm coverings. The store at the dock was out of sunscreen. The store at the RV park didn’t carry any. We had 12 minutes until sail time so we drove quickly back toward town for the nearest convenience store where we paid $10 for a bottle of sunscreen! I should have listened to that earlier nudging.

We had a terrific narrated cruise on a pirate ship! Afterward the Boyz played in the nearby park while Uncle Doc went to the snack store for peanuts and a dime. (Coin #23) Doc then said “I need a nickel, nickel, nickel, to have a double Hit for the Cycle. That would be really special for this weekend.” A few minutes later, son Stephen called and while he and Doc were talking, Doc pointed to this very dark spot on the shore line. It was the requested nickel! (Coin #24).


Stopped at our cabin to change shoes, get our camera and get ready for evening fun. We headed down to Lake Gregory where Doc and Nicholas dropped Brandon and I in a parking lot so we could begin our hike around the lake. As I hopped out of the van, there was a dime. (Coin #25).

Uncle Doc and Nick went to the grocery store for two pennies, one button and dinner groceries. (Coins #26&27). Then they went for coffee, two dimes and a nickel in one parking spot, a dime under the pay phone, and two pennies in another parking spot. Terrific Find! (Coins #28-33).

That makes a Triple Hit for the Cycle!


The evening was spent back at the cabin eating BLT sandwiches, playing games and folding paper airplanes. Lots of love and laugher. What a Terrific Day!

Total: 33 Coins P (18), N (3), D (8), Q (4) = $2.13

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