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Monday, July 4, 2011

Day #927 - Explosions

Most of the day I worked on the solar car reunion . At 11a.m. we headed out to the job site. We stopped at Trader Joe’s to get frozen juice bars for the framing crew. Wanted to giving the guys bite of something cool. The heat and humidity were pretty intense today. I was hoping to find a coin at the store, but instead found a silver ring with a diamond-looking stone. And it fits me nicely.

The framing crew was working on the exposed rafter tails. There will be over 100 decorative tails. A few starter boards were placed on the eaves. It’s looking better every day.

On the way back to the freeway, Doc stopped at Jack-in-the-Box for a cold beverage. He went inside the store to wash off the sap which he collected at the job site. While he was doing that, I walked past the drive thru window to collect one penny there, then one penny next door at the car wash. (Coins #1&2)

Fireworks? BBQ? Not exactly. Around 7 PM Doc went for Chinese fast food. He stepped on a ketchup packet and it exploded all over his leg and white shoes. Not exactly traditional 4th of July stuff.

We live close to the LA Fairgrounds where there is a major fireworks show each year. Doggies do not like that. When Doc and I were younger, we would climb on the second story roof of our house and watch the show from up there. This year doc watched fireworks on TV from his recliner while I worked on the reunion event. My sparks will come next weekend when I hug all my “solar car kids”.

Total: 2 Pennies

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