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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Day #949 - Looking Up

So much is happening at the construction site. As we arrived we Looked Up to see the roofing team finishing the felting. Then we Looked Up and saw that outriggers were temporarily placed on the garage to see if we liked the cut. As we passed underneath the everyday entrance, we Looked Up to see that knee braces had been installed! Once inside, we Looked Up to find an archway leading to the Aussie suite and another one in the Master suite.

At 1:30 we met with Danny (framer), Daryl (project manager), and Rick (stone mason) to review ideas for the fireplace. A few hours later, Danny and crew had most of the frame created. It’s great how the line of the fireplace causes your eyes to Look Up to the heavens.


Ran numerous errands this morning with no coins found. At the jobsite there was one penny on a framed wall and another on the floor where the kitchen sink will be. I am considering these to be ‘planted pennies’ and will not count them as legitimate finds. They will get donated later with the found pennies.

Doc and I stopped for dinner on the way home. We chose to eat inside the diner, but I couldn’t resist running outside to the drive up window when there was a break in traffic. As I ran around the building I was doing a SingSong. Sure enough, there were two pennies.

Total: 2 Found Pennies (+ 2 planted pennies)

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