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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Day #944 - According to Plan

I prefer to have my day planned ahead of time in order to be more productive and not forget things I need to do. Today the Universe was just not operating According to MY Plans

It was the morning of our sleepover with the two nieces. We woke up and tried a new activity - blowing out eggshells and then coloring them. The eggs were made into breakfast burritos and then devoured. After breakfast as an activity the kids assembled 3 jigsaw puzzles. Then I parked the girls with Doc for an hour while I dealt with some “Not According to Plan” emails. Note in the photo that Doc shared his favorite activity with them - TV watching.

We headed to a local park for a bit of play and then to Denny’s for lunch. Arrived home to find my mom (Oma to the girls) and cousin from Germany in the house. That was not According to Plan. We had left the dogs in the house and they don’t appreciate strangers coming in.

Doc and I had plans for the afternoon, so Oma took the girls and gear back home for us. We planned to head right out to the construction site, but found out that no one was working today! So we delayed a little until it was cooler outside.


Received an email from Ian and Wendy (friends and former student) who recently finished building their house. For months we have been wanting them to visit our construction site and they said they could meet us at 6 p.m.! That was sure “Not According to Plan”.

We arrived at the construction site around 5:45 p.m. Shortly thereafter, son Steve along with wife, two kids and mother-in-law dropped in! That was “Not According to Plan”. Since this was the first visit for wife and mother-in-law, I felt obliged to tour them. Then Ian and Wendy showed up for our “date” and I was trying to tour them as well. The great part is … the two little boys (Ethan and Landon) connected and had a GREAT time together!

We had planned to have a quiet Chinese dinner with Ian and Wendy. (A chance to catch up with them). At the last minute we chose to go to Corky’s for dinner instead. We were seated at a booth -- right next to our son and his family! The two little boys sure had fun playing with each other over the booth wall! Another “Not According to Plan”.


Penny Palace Progress

The City Inspector signed off on the roof nailing today. Yipee!

Hearth framing completed.

Additional construction perimeter fencing installed.

HVAC units in the attic


Penny Finding

Almost forgot to do that.

Doc found one penny under Danny’s work shelf at the Penny Palace. I have written to Danny to ensure that was a “find” and not planted. (Coin #1)

At 9:15 p.m. we stopped at the grocery store. I said, “OK Angels, get me at least one coin”.

Doc spotted a quarter through the window before entering, then a quarter in the vending machine. I found a penny as we walked through the doors. (Coins #2-4).

As we walked past one closed check out station, I noticed several coins. I grabbed them and walked away before opening my hand to reveal: 3(P), 1(N), 2(D), and 2(Q)! WOW A Hit for the Cycle in a single pick up. (Coins #5-12).

That was much more than the one coin I had requested.



We may think we have “good plans” for our day, but the Universe sometimes has even BETTER plans for us.

Total: 12 Coins P (5), N (1), D (2), Q (4) = $1.30

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