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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Day #954 - Tea Party

This morning I wanted to review our July activities and plan for August. Doc wanted to go for breakfast. So we set out to do both at a local café (Angel’s). We agreed to mail a few letters en route, but then Doc unexpectedly detoured through the high school parking lot. I did not appreciate that and told him so. He already searched there yesterday and I wanted to get going with our day. We cruised through most of the lot when Doc said, “Maybe the Penny Angels aren’t producing any coins due to your negative attitude”. I squelched my desire to respond out loud, but quietly said to the Angels, “Would you please get me a coin in the next 2-3 minutes before we leave this lot. I would sure like to shut this man up!” Within moments I spotted a quarter. (Coin #1) Yes! I grabbed it and said, “Here is the Angel’s response to my request. Can we leave now?”


This afternoon I attended a bridal shower. It was an Alice-in-Wonderland Tea Party with mismatched China, mixed up signage and other thematic food and décor.

The high heels, summer dresses, bare legs, chatter, makeup, and lingerie exceeded my estrogen toleration point. The bathroom provided the only retreat for a few moments.

I promised Doc to be back home by 6:30 so we could conduct the weekly grocery shopping and then I could take care of some additional tasks this evening. I wanted to finalize the garage door order, design some fireplace shrouds, etc.


Doc and I went on our routine Sunday night 3-store shopping trip. It had been weeks since we had done that. We finished at the first store and were headed back to the van. I said, “Hi Angels, Doc gives me a bad time when we don’t have a Penny in the day because it really is better to have a Penny vs. only other coins. Could you provide one please?” There was an ugly dark blob by my car door. I thought it was a gum blob. It was the requested penny. (Coin #2).

At the third grocery store I found two dimes and two pennies. (Coins #3-6). Doc found a token -- his only coin for today. (Serves him right).


Looking forward to this coming week. It will be exciting.

Total: 6 Coins P (3), N (0), D (2), Q (1) = $0.48 One token

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