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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Day #951 - Instant Manifesting

Doc wanted to be on the job site early this morning, but we kept getting emails and phone calls.

We finalized the exterior doors order. Some scrambling to get the details correct. The roofer called and said he would leave a drip edge sample on site for me to look at this morning. The brown drip edge was a perfect match with our stain order.

On site the framing crew and HVAC crews were both working. I chalked out the furniture for the Grand Room.


This afternoon Doc and I took the van to the auto shop. Funny noises from the engine. The mechanic took things apart, evaluated the situation, changed the oil, put everything back together and gave us the verdict. It was not happy news. We were expecting to pay appropriately for his diagnostic services. He charged merely $25 for everything! Again that magical number of 25.

During those few hours when we were waiting for the van servicing, we investigated garage doors. Placed the order for two of those. One less decision to make.

We stopped to fuel Pippy. I collected one crack penny. (Coin #1)


We rushed home by 5:45 to shower, change and drive out to a 6:30 meeting. It was the Annual Homeowners Association Meeting. There was a raffle where each person won wine, dinner vouchers, shopping sprees, coffee cards, etc. We won the centerpiece from our table.

At the end of the meeting I asked the Property Manager about the current policy on rooftop solar panels. They are now allowed! That means we really need to scramble since we are supposed to be roofing the house next week. Much to do in the next few days and see if we want to install a system now.


9 p.m. We were at the traffic signal just before arriving home. Doc was lamenting, “I need a coin for today”. He looked out his driver window and there was a penny on the Median! Instant manifesting. (Coin #2)

Doc dropped me off at home so I could begin emailing, returning calls, writing Penny Tales, etc. He went to the gas station to fuel the van. One penny and one nickel. (Coins #3&4). Then he went to the grocery store for a few items and a penny. (Coin #5)

Total: 5 Coins P (4), N (1), D (0), Q (0) = $0.09

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