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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Day #956 - Happy Meal

Yesterday I summarized the daily spreadsheet for July coin finds:

The total was 299 coins P (225), N (11), D (49), Q (14) = $11.20


This morning Doc and I woke to a ringing phone. It was Project Manager Daryl saying he wanted us to meet with the painter in an hour. Yikes! Panic mode. Ran downstairs, fed the dogs, washed the dirty dishes, cleared a path from the front door to the dining table, found the dining table (under the pile of papers), took a shower, changed out of pajamas, pulled out the file on painters, dug out the magazine examples of what we like, etc. That was the first hour of the day and it continued at that pace.

We met with the painter, made numerous calls and emails, then got to the jobsite in the early afternoon. The roofers were working and the roofing tile was on site.

The electricians began their work today. We spent 2+ hours with them in reviewing the light switch and outlet placements - for half the house. Also spoke about the potential solar system.

Temperatures were in excess of 100 F. Not fun roofing conditions.

We left the job site around 4:30 and headed straight for McDonalds. Doc ordered a senior coffee, MacBurger, and pineapple mango fruit smoothie. I collected coins. One penny under the pay window, six coins in a gravel planter on the left side of the drive, then four dirt pennies in the planter on the right side. As we drove away I texted to Daryl “13 coins at McDonalds”. He replied, “Sounds like a very Happy Meal”. Coin Mine!

As we got off the freeway, Doc spotted a coin. He dove for it. It turned out to be a game token. I then spotted a potential coin on my side, but the signal turned green and we had to move. Maybe tomorrow …

We stopped at a pet store to further research doggie doors. I was not impressed with the ones available. Doesn’t make ‘cents’ to spend so much on double paned windows for the house, weatherproofed doors, and insulated walls, then have a big gaping hole for a doggie door with merely a little plastic flap. So I am spending a second night investigating dog doors on line. Seems like every detail of this house takes considerable research.

Total: 13 Coins P (11), N (0), D (2), Q (0) = $0. 31


Mandy said...

The roof is going on!!!
Holy cow!!!
I need to come see!!!

JR said...

When you get a dog that's bigger than a cat you can worry about loss through a hundred-square-inch hole.