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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Day #978 - Access

This morning we were again at the construction site by 7:30 a.m. Daryl and the framing crew were well underway in tackling some of the action items needed by Plasterer Tommy Gun to have adequate access to proceed.

During mid-morning, Henry arrived to complete the installation of the three solar tubes. It’s great that more sunshine now has access into the house. Feels like a tube of light from heaven is ‘charging’ the interior.

Around noon the plaster crew arrived. They started floating the walls around the foundation of the house.

Doc went to Jack’s for lunch. The Angels also gave him access to one dime and one penny. (Doc Coins #1&2).

Regarding the access door for the Master tub: we purchased one yesterday at Home Depot, but today the plasterer said, “This is a ‘leaker’”. It is too cheesy, a do-it-yourself, after market, home model. So he called his supplier and Doc and I went for a 3 hour trip to get a commercial grade door. A hiccup for one little component, but nice people helped overcome that hurdle.


On the way home I told Doc I must stop somewhere to find today’s coin. We chose a Chevron gas station by the freeway. I searched the store carefully and at first did not see anything. Then I spotted something silver under a magazine rack. The access to it was not easy and there were also customers in line who were creating a barrier. I went outside to look through the window. The coin was a quarter! OK. The stakes were higher now.

I went back inside the store. There were no customers in line so access to the quarter was now easier. However, a customer stopped me to ask for directions. I wanted the coin; I did not want to stop and help someone. “Do Unto Others…” came to mind. I tried to patiently and lovingly help the man. After I did, I turned around and there was a quarter behind me on the floor! A reward for helping someone? I collected that quarter (easy pick up) and then the other quarter (in a double-knee nose dive). (Tina Coins #1&2). Meanwhile in the gas pumping area, Doc collected two pennies. (Doc Coins #3&4)


Shared Smiles:

When talking to the Insulation guy yesterday, he said he has found dozens of coins since he did the work on the Penny Palace. He said he has found coins in almost every subsequent project. Penny Fever is contagious!

This evening my brother called. His opening line was, “Sis, I just gotta share this moment with someone. Really glad you are there right now.” Greg is the one who just moved away to build his dream house in Tehachapi. My mind was racing …. What could it be? Greg continued, “I am standing here enjoying this awesome sunset as I am watering my new concrete garage slab.” Yes, I can appreciate and understand his joy at that moment.

Lesson: Contact someone even in the most hectic day to share and appreciate a beautiful moment together. How precious those times are. Share your JOY!

Total: 6 Coins P (3), N (0), D (1), Q (2) = $0.63

Access to the right people, the right tools, the right skills - all those can be wonderful resources. And there are even higher and more powerful resources for us to access as needed.

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